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What is the red blob on Tasha Yar's face in "Skin of Evil"???


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This might be a really dumb question (my apologies in advance if it is!) but I recently watched "Skin of Evil" again, the episode in which Lt. Yar is killed, and I always think the same thing during the sick bay scene after she is attacked...what is that red blob on her face supposed to be? Is it a wound from the attack? If so, why wouldn't they make it look a little more realistic? Any thoughts?




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I aways though it was a blood spot.


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Yes, it looks very stylized, almost
"artistic" rather than "realistic,"
BUT ... but ... if you rewatch that
episode, you may notice that while
Tasha's on the ground, immediately
after the attack on the planet, she
has a black blob on her face in that
shape, already. Of course, Dr. Crusher
removed the remaining black tar, in sickbay ...

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