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Just started my 'Trek" and need advice.


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I just started watching/getting to know Star Trek this year. I had always been a Star Wars fan but after I got older the series is almost comical, to me anyway. I'm an Atheist and asked around about TV shows that might appeal to me, and Star Trek popped up more than most, and Firefly. I started with the original series and just now finished the first season. I love it. So far ahead of it time but, I'm so far behind Star Trek I don't know how to catch up reasonably. There are so many episodes and I can't really skip ahead. I don't want to do that. The new Star Trek movie is coming but how much of the past series, no spoilers please, do I need to watch?

I heard that the new Star Trek movies are like an alternative universe but I don't want to watch them yet. I don't know, it seems silly but should I just watch the older series/older movies, then newer movies? That's a ton of hours to watch and even if I were to watch an episode a day I don't think I would finish them all in a year. Anyway, I love Star Trek, I hope to become fluent and knowledable about it all and even become a Trekkie someday. Thanks for any replies. 


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You could probably watch the movie first and still have a fair idea of what was going on -- but if you want to understand the in-jokes and references, and have some preconception of who the characters are, then probably start with Original Series & subsequent movies.

If all you want is to get "into" Star Trek generally, I can only recommend to go with whatever series interests you. The first season of each series tends to be rather cheesy, but does provide some good introduction for many characters. However you could still get away with (probably) jumping in at any point from season 2-4, or thereabouts. Come the final couple of seasons, many series (DS9 particularly) get very interconnected episodes that tend to rely more and more on previous events.

You would probably get more out of the later movies (Generations-Nemesis) if you watch some Next Generation first. Not just because some rely on past events, but because you will have a better affinity with the characters if you do.

Go with what you think you will enjoy. The good news is that if you watch all of TOS and find that you have finished, you still have over a year's worth of material left to go.

Happy watching.

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The Original Series is the Essence of Star Trek , and also the conceptual guide to the Trek'verse . Believe it or not , it actually makes it harder to get into the other series . But the best way is probably to follow the Series in order of their Tv appearance , which is basically chronological .

After the Original Series (1966-69) , the Animated Series (1973-74) continued the Original Journey , and the 7 Original Movies started (1979-82-84-86-89-91-94) .

Star Trek The Next Generation Series started in 1987 and was the beginning of Contemporary Star Trek having a more modern view .

The Next Generation Movies began with the movie Star Trek Generations (1994-96-98-02) .

Deep Space Nine Series (1993) is a deeper Spinoff of The Next Generation .

Voyager Series (1995) ia also a Spinoff of the Next Generation , and is about a Starship and Crew that are shipwrecked in an unexplored quadrant .

Enterprise Series (2001) is set before the Original Series , and is about the first members of Starfleet .

Star Trek Movie (2009) by JJ Abrams is an alternative Original movie .



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i think what he´s looking for is an episode guide that skips the episodes that can be defined as "side trek" rather than star trek. "side trek" episodes are episodes where nothing happens. they take place only on the ship without any outside influence or are some kind of one time encounter that has no bearing on any other future episodes. in tng, ds9, and voyager they usually manifest themselves in holodek episodes or desert planet episodes, or encountering some wierd anomoly that gets solved only via techno-babel. these can also be episodes that consist only of conversations or episodes that get too comical. if we want comedy we´ll watch comedy, we dont watch sci-fi to get our laughs. an amusing moment here or there is one thing but not a whole episode.

we´re looking for the meat and potatoe episodes where something actually happens, phaser fire, a skirmish or battle involving ships. encounters with romulans or klingons, or cardasians, or breen, or borg or some kind of formidable opponent. we want episodes where we get to see and experience something about an interesting alien race, their homeworld, way of life, history, etc., where we get to really learn something about them, not just scratch the surface and move on being left wondering.

i just watched ds9 seaons 4 through seven to get the whole dominion arc in and can honestly say i could have gotten the story taken care of in about 15 episodes. the war was just a background detail in many episodes only being mentioned, and in several others it seemed completely forgotten about.


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For watching the series & films through in storyline order here's the best list I've come across.

Hope that helps



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This is all you need from the rest of TOS to stay caught up on the Trek universe. 

-- Amok Time -- The first visit to the planet Vulcan, and you can learn about their culture through this one. 

-- Mirror, Mirror -- Another classic episode that establishes an alternate timeline that will show up throughout Trek. 

-- The Trouble with Tribbles -- This is Star Trek having fun. 

--A Piece of the Action -- This is important because it will introduce a very important concept to you for Trek: The Prime Directive. It's also a lot of fun once you know who the characters are, they go against type. 

Watch movies 2, 3, 4, and 6. Then, I suggest The Next Generation (TNG). (EDIT) Next Generation introduces us to the 24th century, 100 years after Kirk and Spock. Some of the terminology from the Original show will change, for instance, in weights and measurements, and some of the pseudo-scientific gobbly-gook. Deep Space Nine (DS9) runs at the same time as Next Generation for two years, Voyager (VOY) runs from the 3rd season of DS9 until 2001. That's the last series in the 24th century. Enterprise (ENT) is set in the 22nd century, but refers to things in the 24th century, which is why I don't suggest starting there. 

Here's a start to TNG:

-- Encounter at Farpoint

-- Datalore

-- Hide and Q

-- Skin of Evil 

-- Heart of Glory

-- The Measure of a Man

-- The Icarus Factor

-- Q Who?

-- Emissary 

-- Who Watches the Watchers (your atheism should like this one)

-- Yesterday's Enterprise

-- The Offspring

-- Sins of the Father

-- Sarek

-- The Best of Both Worlds, Part I and II (which will be in movie theaters April 25th). 

-- Family

-- (EDIT) Brothers

-- Reunion

-- Data's Day

-- The Wounded -- the first one with the Cardassians

-- Devil's Due (atheism alert again)

-- First Contact -- A personal favorite. I almost said to watch this one first. 

-- Redemption, Part I and II

-- Ensign Ro

-- Unification, Part I and II

-- Ethics

-- I, Borg

-- The Inner Light

-- Chain of Command, Part I and II. 

-- Tapestry

-- The Chase

-- Descent, Part I and II

-- All Good Things...

That should establish the known Trek universe. Watch whatever you want, but remember, Deep Space Nine builds on itself. 

 All you need to know from the original timeline for the new movies, is that Spock is alive in the 24th century. You know who Spock is. Vulcans live 150-200 years. After you see the change in Spock from the Original Series to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, you are set. Watch Star Trek (2009) and then see Star Trek Into Darkness with the rest of us. 

 As for Trek terminology, here is a handy guide: 

-- phaser -- gun

-- Photon torpedo -- torpedo

-- Quantum torpedo -- an improvement over photon torpedoes. 

-- turbolift -- elevator

-- Warp Drive -- ability to travel fighter than light. Factors range from 1-9.9.

-- Impulse Drive -- Traveling at sub-light speeds. 

-- Subspace -- Something completely made up that the universe that intertwines with normal space. 

-- " " Particles -- usually they indicate something and they will tell you what it means. Tetryon Particles, for example. 

-- Inertial Dampners -- In reality, the G-Forces would kill everyone on the ship when they jumped into warp. These devices on the ship stop that from happening. 


 If  you have any questions, feel free to ask. 



Its stories are about the depth and complexity of human interaction and relationships. It studies us and asks us to look within ourselves, to relate, to ask how would we respond to all that is in their world?


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I'd just stick with what you're doing deiradinn.  Stay the course and finish TOS out and then tackle the first 6 films, the TOS films.  You can skip TMP if you want (it's a great sci-fi film but a lousy ST film and very plodding) and TFF is just an embarrasment.  Since the Abrams' films are essentially a reboot of TOS, you'll be up to speed on them. 

Beyond TOS, I thought TNG and DS9 were great.  VOY was, imo, largely just a TNG clone with generally less sympathetic characters.  I never got into ENT.  The pilot of that show and the few episodes I saw just left me really cold.  At that point, I just felt like it was VOY all over again and that was something I didn't want to sit through again.

So, for me, the best shows are TOS, TNG, and DS9.  The good to great films are (for TOS) TWOK, TSFS, TVH, and TUC, and, for TNG, FC.  The other TNG films are mediocre (NEM imo) to bad (GEN and INS).  Kirk Prime dies in GEN, so there is that, if you're curious.  It's a terrible film, though.

Anyway, glad to have you aboard!  I hope you enjoy exploring the ST universe!



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I'm fairly atheistic and I think you should try Deep Space Nine. It sometimes deals with issues of belief, which rather than guarding myself against, I prefer to explore. 



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You'll be able to skip the movies Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis without missing anything. 

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Quote: leroybrock @ Feb. 25 2013, 8:58 pm


>You'll be able to skip the movies Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis without missing anything. 



He needs Generations. Something happens on the planet that isn't explained in "First Contact."

Its stories are about the depth and complexity of human interaction and relationships. It studies us and asks us to look within ourselves, to relate, to ask how would we respond to all that is in their world?


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Quote: leroybrock @ Feb. 25 2013, 8:58 pm

>You'll be able to skip the movies Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis without missing anything.

Why not let him decide for himself what he likes?  I don't like every movie or series equally, but I don't discount any of them. Personally, I find it quite rude and very distasteful to suggest that someone should simply skip over something because you don't like it. I don't like kimchi--I would never suggest that you avoid it; it could very well become your favorite food.

My recommendation to dieradinn is to watch, generally, in production order:

 - TOS

 - TAS (optional, as most of the rest of the franchise discounts it, but I enjoy them and they do have some rather interesting episodes... and a few groaners)

 - TOS Movies

 - TNG (this is more likely than not what will really get you hooked, if the movies didn't)

 - Generations (the link between TOS and TNG)

 - DS9 (As mentioned, above, lots of religious themes and some great extended story arcs)

 - Voy

 - First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis

 - Ent

 - JJ Trek

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Me and my partner have watched through all trek in chronological order on more than one occasion.  

For us it's the perfect way watch to watch it all.  Makes perfect sense and you don't miss a thing.  

Enterprise 1-4

2009 new film

TOS 1-3

Animated series (optional of course)

Films 1-6

TNG with the earlier seasons of DS9 mixed at the right times.  

DS9 with the earlier seasons of voyager at the right times.  

Pop in Generations, First contact and Inssurection at the correct times.  

Finish off voyager then end with Nemesis.   

What better way to do it?    Time allowing of course!!


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if you are looking for the best episodes out of each series, i would suggest going to ex astra scintifica, it has reveiws of all of the episodes, and the top episodes of each series.


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I try to watch the whole thing chronologically. I started with TOS (with the pilot episode.. It was quite boring at that point!), then TAS and TNG. Then I got to watch all the TOS and TNG films, though I know it's not the right order. Now I watch DS9 and, of course, I'm planning to watch VOY and ENT afterwards. The only thing I will not wait with is the 2009 film.. Just because I want to see it before the one that will be now in cinemas

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I would also suggest that you watch the series in order. If TOS is just too old for you to get into (which would be a shame, but is the case for some people) then just start with Wrath of Khan (Star Trek: The Motion Picture is not a good way to get into the franchise, IMO), watch the rest of the TOS movies and then move on to TNG. TNG starts off a little shaky, just for a warning, but gets better quickly and is nearly as good as TOS at its best.

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