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Star Trek: Korolev


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Welcome to adventure! Intrigue! Danger! Excitement! Exclamations Points!

The Starship Korolev is a proud member of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 47. We're a play by forum sim set in the year 2387, and tasked with the arduous job of convoy duty!

[i]*Blink Blink* Did you say Convoy Duty?[/i]

Yes I did, save all questions for the end please.

Ok, so the Korolev is an old Miranda Class deathtrap that's been in mothballs since your grandfather was in diapers. But Starfleet, in their infinite wisdom has decided that she was to be brought out of those balls of moth to help the Kobi relocate to their new planet in the Gavarian Frontier. (Think BSG meets Trek) The Kobi are an early warp society who's government has recently surrendered their planet to their sworn enemy, the Dukros Consortium after many yeard of war. The terms of this surrender include a provision that the Kobi leave the world, which most are content to do since it's mostly a nuclear wasteland now. Although, as there always are, there remain those Kobi that refuse to leave the homeworld, and believe that their war with the Dukros is far from over. The government has set up relations with the Federation, which has taken on the burden of setting up the convoys that will lead the Kobi to their new world. Most of the ships are old, rickety death traps, and their crews have been scrounged together from the tail ends of evaluation reports, do not promote lists, and penal colonies. Needless to say, the mission isn't at the top of Starfleet's priority lists.

The Korolev, under the command of brand new Captain Nathan Benjamin, is the point ship for the convoys. The old girl is tasked with protecting the convoy, and ferrying the Kobi leadership to their new world. Held together by a motley crew with prayers, duct tape, and good intentions, the Korolev is seeking the best and brightest.... but we'll settle for whatever we can get. Interested? Open positions below...

[b]Executive Officer[/b] - This is a command level position. I am looking for someone who's going to be around all the time, posting in and out of character. The Korolev, like Shadow Fleet is a forum based Trek Writing community. Since I have other Bravo Fleet duties, and my job sometimes takes me out of the game for a few days on end, the person that I choose to be the Korolev's XO needs to be able to step in and seamlessly take over the ship. We need to be partners. I'm looking for an avid poster with lots of ideas. This is basically like an assistant CO job. So if you're looking to maybe be a CO and run your own sim someday, this is definitely a job for you.

[b]Marine Commanding Officer[/b] - We've got a platoon of Marines on the Korolev and their job is mainly personal security for the big wigs as well as ship defense. I plan to use them like the Marines in BSG were used. The Marine CO is going to be a senior staff position, so who ever applies for this will need to be an avid poster than can write the Marine character and make solid use of NPC characters, as he/she will likely be the only Marine character.

[b]Ship's Counselor[/b] - Ok, so the captain of the Korolev is mandated by Starfleet to have weekly sessions with a counselor because he was trapped on a zombie planet for more than a year. He has issues. And it doesn't get better the further down the roster you go. So needless to say, the counselor is going to have a big role to play. I'm looking for someone with some serious chops writing as a counselor. This is a senior staff spot, and I'm looking to fill it with a someone who's going to be able to handle being the lynchpin to the ship's mental health....

[b]Science Officer[/b] - So, we're not really a ship of exploration, or one that's out there making alot of news with discoveries or research. So this position is a little ambiguous. Think Dax from DS9 or maybe Gaeta from BSG... This position really isn't as defined as some of the others, so who ever applies for it will need to be inventive in how they work themselves into the story. The CO is a former science officer himself, so there's that aspect.

[b]Chief of the Boat[/b] - The old crusty non com! For this role I envision SGT Major Plumlee from We were Soldiers. Gritty, get the job done type.

[b]Operations Chief[/b] - This is a Dualla/Gaeta/Harry Kim type job. This person manages the operations for the Korolev, and also coordinates witht he rest of the fleet as far as CAP schedules, Power conservation, repairs and general operations procedures for the entire fleet of 20-25 ships. Can be a non com, or an officer. I'm open to interpretation here.

[b]Junior Officers/Enlisted[/b] - Don't want a senior staff role? Department head spot already taken? Sign on as an engineer's mate, or a security officer, or a Marine, or a fighter pilot.... anything's available in the lower decks!

So... having read all that, and being interested in a character on the old Rust Bucket, here's the link to the application!


Now then..... What are your questions?

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