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Wanted: A Few Good Fans


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Hi all I'm currently working on an art project and would love a few fans from around the globe to help out. The idea is that through music and art we can get closer to the world envinsioned and embodied in the Star Trek universe. I'm in Florida so am looking for fans any where and every where. If you have a trek uniform or costume, live in a foreign country or maybe just a room full of awesome stuff let me know if you're interested in helping a fellow fan.


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I would love to help with your project. It sounds really fun. Just tell me what i need to do.


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Hey thanks for joining us Juleon, What part of the world are you in?
We're in Florida but so far have someone in Russia, France, and Brazil. Doesn't matter if you're also from there since we need a lot of people to help us out.

This is a worldwide music art project and we need as many people as possible. We are hoping you and maybe your friends can record 4 short 10 second clips in HD (iphone, flip cam, whatever).

3 of the clips should be you (or you and some fellow fans) holding a sign saying:

Music Unites Us
No Disguise (try in costume since it portrays this is who we really are)
OH (just the word OH in big bold letters) 

In these clips you or you and friends can be:

·         Dancing,  Acting silly, Laughing,  Whatever just having fun


This art piece will be distributed publicly and we will send you a copy of the video and music when it’s done. So of course if anyone asks, by sending us clips you’ve expressed your permission to allow us to use your image in the art project and to promote it publicly worldwide.

You can hand write the words in bold letters on white poster board about 48 cm to 60 cm (2 – 3 ft) wide so we can read them, oh but don’t cover your face; we want to see you too! Shoot for a land mark representing where you’re from.

Please upload and send your videos using something like
It’s free and simple. You can upload up to 2gb and email your clips to:

We thank you so much for your help in this project. 

Much love,
Damian, Hector and Zaid


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Report this Feb. 11 2013, 4:18 pm

We definitely need true artists in the fan ranks,
promoting ideas of unity and celebration, much
like this one. I hope this endeavour's successful.

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