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Why Reginald Barclay raise rank after risk arrest and everything else to Starfleet contact USS Voyager


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This never real made sense to me that he was not raise in rank.


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He did get promoted.  During TNG, he was a Lt.JG, years later as part of the Pathfinder Project trying to contact Voyager, he was a full Lieutenant.

Considering the number of derogatory comments on his service record, not to mention his holo-addiction and his lack of confidence/stuttering problem, it makes sense that Barclay took so long to reach Lt. Commander--he wouldn't have been prepared for the responsibilities of a leadership role that comes with that rank (generally a department head).

He did (will), presumably make it all the way to Commander, in the alternate future timeline from "Endgame".

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Barclay was always one of my favorites--even one of my heroes, as a fellow-engineer,

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I guess he really wanted to help Voyager and its crew especially since they had lots of information to bring back about the almost completely unknown Delta Quadrant.


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Let's Face it; If He was actually as certifiable as they Made him out To be, Starfleet would not have accepted him!


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