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Fun way bring back Trip back to life.


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Engage Now

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Have Phlox Similitude Trip:-))


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I think Trip should be isolated in a stasis chamber and later in Deep Space 9, they should have new technology to save him. Then they would revive him. He would never get over T'Pol but he would fall in love with Jadzia Dax. That is how it should be.


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I like the section 31 idea. I thought Trip's death was really unnecessary in the first place. So if they brought him back to life, which is insanely possible, I think that T'Pol would probably have something to do with it. Kind of like how Spock put his katra into Spock before he died (whether or not that was truly in the original theatrical release). Well, I guess it would just be kind of a repeat of that.

Or we could just find out that Trip didn't die, like the fifth season was planning to do, i think, or if they were they were going to bring him back to life. The only reason they could kill the character in the first place is because the show was being cancelled. As long as they bring him back to life in a realistic way.


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Technically, we wouldn't need to bring Trip back to life. Since "These Are The Voyages..." was set in 2161, there's still years between it and the end of "Terra Prime" (which took place in January 2155) - if the episode had of been written from the crew's point of view rather than Riker's, then it would be a flash-forward as opposed to a pseudo-flash-back.


Plus, there's also the fact that that holoprogram would have been written probably about 150-200 years after the events of the episode actually took place - afterall, the holodecks weren't in existence back then, and history is always open to reinterpration by those who weren't there. I like to use that little excuse to explain away all of the various inconsistencies in the episode.

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