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=/\= USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #744, STARDATE 51301.28 =/\=

                        *** Manticore - Lower Decks ***

A group of Security JGs and Ensigns were stuck in a cargo bay because an explosion elsewhere on the ship had left the bay with no power, gravity and an atmo leak.  The group took an EVA "hike," climbing the outside of the ship and finally found a way into an airlock on deck 9, after passing an emergency triage center set up in the 10 Forward Lounge.  They barely have enough time to catch their breath before a young Lt. makes them stand watch outside of main Engineering.


The USS Manticore is an advanced simulation sponsored by the Star Trek Simulation Forum. Although play is restricted to pre-assigned crew members who have graduated from Starfleet Academy, all are welcome to come watch.

The game begins at 10 pm ET Monday nights in the Manticore chat area accessible at directly or through links here at A Starfleet Academy open to all interested participants is being held at 10 pm ET Monday evening in the Holodeck chat area at There are no membership requirements to play and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Links to both games are available on the Community / Chat page at For more information on STSF, check other posts on this message board, visit our websites at and, or email

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