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Which Captain would you Marry?

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This is not just about whom you think is the most good looking but whom do you think would be a good husband and is a good match for you. You've got four to choose from.

I'm wrestling with whom I would like to marry because initially I thought it would be Picard because he is so refined and knowledgeable (also the one I'm most attracted to). Yet, Picard is in love with being a captain, he's actually a bit stiff and I imagine family time would be us sitting in a room together with him reading a book in silence and I would be left to do the same. The only enjoyable time would be those morning breakfasts like the one he has with Beverly, he seems more talkative and chatty at those times.

I actually considered Archer (I only liked him in the first two seasons), he seems fun, open and a cool light-hearted guy to be around but I'm still not overly thrilled. He's a cool guy but I don't really care to marry him.

Kirk is out of the question for me unless I like would may as well be considered a polygomous marriage because there will always be another new woman he'd be looking at.

My final choice is Sisko, he seems like a family guy who likes the home life, loves kids and would enjoy cooking for his wife.

So, ladies whom is your choice? And say why you rule out the others.

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