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My idea for a new Star Trek series


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I think there should be a new series based after Enterprise depicting the begining of The United Federationg of Planets. The aliance with the Xindi, the battle that Daniels showed to Capitain Archer when he saw humanity and Xindi fight the trans dimintional beings ect.......


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In reference to the OP’s ideas-

The Good-

I’ll give him some credit for thinking outside the box

The new series should definitely move forward instead of being another prequel

I like the idea of an Andorian regular. They’ve been underutilized.

Things I don’t like-

As other have said, too many aliens/androids. Star Trek is all about the interaction between humans and other species, humans are half the equation, and the most important half, since they’re who the audience is going to relate to. In my book, the captain/lead character pretty much HAS to be a human for the show to work.

Too much CGI too

I don’t know how I feel about another android character. Data is some people’s favorite character in all of Star Trek, so a new android would have big shoes to fill.

I don’t think it makes much sense for the Alpha/Beta quadrants to be at peace considering how chaotic everything was when we last saw the 24th century. The situations with the Remans, the destruction of Romulus, and the aftermath of the Dominion War aren’t really a recipe for peace. I’d actually want to go the opposite direction, and have a new series focus on renewed tensions between the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans.

Anyway, here’s an idea from me-

This is set in the same time frame as the OP’s, afew decades after Voyager/Ds9 wrapped up. The Beta Quadrant is in shambles with the Romulans still reeling and the Klingon Empire being torn apart by a bloody civil war with all the houses fighting each other (and some of them engaging in terrorism against the Romulans and Federation). The provisional Romulan/Klingon governments give the Federation permission to send one medium sized ship (similar to Voyager, or to what a Miranda Class ship was in the TOS era) across the neutral zone for humanitarian purposes, but of course they’ll manage to get themselves into a world of trouble. I like this set-up because it recreates the “wild west” feel of TOS, with the Klingons and Romulans being both allies and enemies depending on who the ship runs into. Other Star Trek races could cause problems here too. The Ferengi could be looking to exploit the situation for profit. The much talked about but seldom seen Orion pirate cartels could become a problem in the anarchic atmosphere. As I’m typing this I’ve realized than an Orion/Ferengi alliance actually makes a lot of sense and could be interesting. A retooled Dominion could become a problem again mid-way through the series. I’ve also always liked the idea of the Bajorans becoming villains and reversing the dynamic between them and the Cardassians. The newly aggressive Bajorans could see the weakening of the Klingons and Romulans as an opportunity for imperialism. You’d also run into all sorts of weird space anomalies as they get deeper into unexplored areas of Romulan Space.

The Ship-

I want a totally new ship next time and hopefully something that looks kind if funky and different on the inside and out. I’d also like it if they moved a little more in the direction of knobs and buttons instead of just tapping panels. For my idea, the ship obviously won’t be as big and spacious as the Enterprise D or E. They can give it a classic battleship name like Lexington or Yorktown, or one that references something in the Star Trek universe. Just not Enterprise. I also think it would be interesting if the Enterprise F shows up on a few occasions, and we kind of see the Enterprise mythos from another perspective. As in, the main crew is a bit resentful that they always get the best upgrades and supplies, and the captain of the Enterprise is an arrogant prick who always flaunts regulations but gets away with it just because of who he is.

Ideas for Crewmembers-

The Captain-On first glance, I’d say the ideal Captain would be sort of a balance between Kirk and Picard, or pretty much Kirk as he was in the movies. Basically someone who’s more cerebral, a little older, and isn’t an action hero,  but isn’t afraid to take chances and re-write the rules every now and then. It also might be interesting to see a new kind of Captain, maybe one who’s gruff, likes to follow regulations to the letter, and has a very military mindset.

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to have the first officer get killed in the pilot, and then have a couple characters jockeying for the job over the remainder of the first season. Perhaps aVulcan Science Officer and a brooding, detached Security/intelligence officer, who both see each other’s mindsets as detrimental to the mission

Operations/Comm-An Admiral’s daughter who was pushed into joining Starfleet by her dad. Much to his chagrin, she wants nothing of deep space and was perfectly happy doing records work at Starfleet headquarters on Earth, but then he pulled a few strings to get her on this mission. She’d be the wide-eyed, somewhat whiney character who likes to do things by the book more than anybody. She could be used in a lot of character episodes, having conflict with the engineer and pilot, and theoretically the tactical officer or even the Vulcan (for some hilarious unrequited Nurse Chapel moments) as a love interest.

Pilot- The helmsman could be a swaggering Han Solo-esq ex criminal who was given the helm because he knows his way around Romulan and Klingon space from smuggling and privateer operations.

Engineer-An unsociable and cranky but very hot Andorian woman would work well here. J The Andorians have always been hilarious and great it all their appearances, I say we need to get one as a regular in the next series.

Medical officer- I’ve always preferred crankier doctors (Bones and the EMH) to friendly ones. We can make h/her Scottish since some people seem to really, really, want another Scottish Star Trek character.




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I do like the idea of it being set 40 years after Voyager. That is a good time for a new show to be set -- not so long that it loses the familiarity of the Star Trek universe, but long enough to give it a little distance from the events of previous series.

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I just wish we had a new Trek series period with new characters

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How about a holographic Captain? Although it may sound funny at first, I believe it would provide for some interesting stories. A Captain that has an extensive database knowledge of previous Starfleet Captains would surely have a tactical advantage on the Bridge. It would also be interesting to see the implications when a artificial intelligence is making the core decisions - and it's impact on a flesh and bone crew.

Since Star Trek always raised some real life issues in the form of entertainment, and since many real world armies are involving the use of I.A. more than ever before it would somehow make sense.

Make it so.

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