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Report this Jan. 25 2013, 2:56 am

Hi everyone, although I am new to this forum I am an old hand at Trek, I was brought up on the Original Series (first time round) and attended my first UK Convention in 1980.

I am having to downsize my collection of Trek items as I am moving to a smaller house. So the long and the short of it is I would like some help if possible on identifying the value of a couple of my more unusual items. Is there a web site that I could go to, or does anyone have rough idea of price on the things I am hoping to sell.

Firstly I have a black and white promotional photo sent out by the DesiLu studio's of DeForest Kelley in uniform with the DesiLu promo slip still attatched to the photo stating what date and time the first episode will be screen in the USA. (it is not signed but is a fantastic bit of media history)

The second is a Resin model of Seven of Nine made by Muckle (on behalf of Paramount) limited edition (1000) high that came with the Voyager DVD set, and still in it's box. This is the exact replica of the full size model they now sell.

I do have quite a few other bits and pieces like Theodore Sturgeon signed Amok Time Fotonovel and J.A.Lawrence signed ST 12 and Mudd's Angels that I got signed along with Convention books signed by some of the Stars including Mark Leonard. As you can image a collection that spans over nearly 40 years is quite a big colletion

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