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Countdown Into Darkness (Comic miniseries #1) -- SPOILERS AHOY!

Transporter Accident

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Anyone else read the first issue of the comic prequel to Into Darkness?  Two very big hints inside (SPOILERS AGAIN!!!):








1. Sulu mentions a previous mission involving the "Archon incident."  The Archon was a 22nd Century Federation ship that vanished while studying the planet Beta III.  It is revealed (in the TOS episode "Return of the Archons") that "Landru" destroyed the ship.  Recall Landru is a computer built by an ancient scientist of the same name.


2. The image of Landru projected by the computer (see at first glance looks an awful lot like "John Harrison" does in the 9 minute IMAX preview (including fashionable scarf).  That would be consistent with the idea of a canon character.  Note Landru (the scientist) was pre-occupied with the idea of taking his people back to a society of peace and tranquility -- even by destroying the society to save it.  Makes one think.


3. The end of the comic introduces Robert April, "former Captain of the USS Enterprise."  This character, presumably older, is likely going to be Peter Weller.  Perhaps somehow he has returned to Beta III and revived Landru?  Or cloned him?  Or somehow discovers a fountain of youth (see the Animated Series episode "The Conter-Clock Incident") that makes him want to correct the error of his ways?  Or something like that (hopefully not another time travel story).


Either way: kudos to the writers for their knowledge of Trekdom.  Now much more excited for the movie!


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LOL I still call my son "little guy", which he hates. But I birthed him and he better not sass me.

The Capt. April angle is intriguing. I can't wait until May to see how it all plays out.

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"Archon incident."  is from the on going comics released last year, no real mystery there and I don't see it having anything to do with the new movie.


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I agree with Servalnfan,

2009's Star Trek makes it clear that the Enterprise is very new and only just ready to go so I dont know how much April can be involved in that.


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It's a new ship, maybe the first of its design, but its not the first Enterprise. Pike wasn't the first captaienters ship called enterprise anyway, it was Archer.  


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could it be the prime universe robert april?

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