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Would Guinnan still exist in the new Trek Universe?


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Since Guinnan was trapped in the Nexus (Star Trek Generations) this puts her well over the age of 600 years old.

We also know that Guinnan can perceive a time line shift - TNG Yesterday's Enterprise.

Could it be possible that Guinan would still exist in the new the Trek Universe because she has been to Earth in 1893 to escape her father and would sense something was odd with the timeline of the Federation?


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Possible is everything! Guinnan has indeed a co-existance in the Nexus. With the destruction of Vulcan this doesn't necessarily have to effect the entire Federation.


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I think so. Guinnan can tell sometime was wrong current reality in the eposide. yesterday enterperise.


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If she existed prior to the branching timelines in 2233, then she should still exist in both universes.

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interesting, at first thought Guinian was on earth in the 19th century and faced danger due to the fact picard and crew were after some aliens and also went to the same period. Picard saved her then, however since it was his crew that affected her in the first place it comes down to either she never met Picard then and continued or she still did indicating the future of the new timeline is similar to the Prime. I think LOL

Wheather Guinan would be in the Nexus might be altered as well depending on what took place with the future Enterprise D crew.

Love to know what others have to say on this topic

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