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JJ Abrams will be directing Star Wars VII


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The these days very popular director JJ Abrams will be making SW ep VII. It will be released according to TrekToday in 2015 by Disney.

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There goes any chance that I'll ever see the movie. Still waiting for George Lucas to make episodes I, II, and III.


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I didn't see that coming.


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Honestly I can't realy imagine how the movie (and probaly two sequels) will be done. Marc Hamil, Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford are still pretty old.


It could include Luke Skywalker's wife Mara Jade. The question would also be: what will be with the victory by the Rebel Alliance of the Empire? I mean Anakin Skywalker is again a Jedi, even as he's dead. That's what the EPs are about.


Still Luke could reassamble new Jedi Knights. Lea & Han Solo would have children. Boba Fett could have survived the Sarlak...


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Well, it's his area of expertise. A bunch of things blowing up. Plus, he is a huge fan! I just hope he doesn't make it a reboot star wars universe.

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JJ Abrams did well with the reboot of Star Trek and I am looking forward to the coming sequel this year so I think he could do a good job with the Star Wars franchise as long as it is a fresh approach and not try to do the same tricks that he did to Star Trek back in 2009

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I guess this means it's gonna be a long wait for the third AbramsTrek movie...

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>The old unnamed source strikes again

>Any other confirmation?


I heard it on the radio this morning too.

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No, it's legit.

I actually enjoyed ST09 and hope that STID is equal to or better than his first go at ST.

Re: SW, he can't possibly do worse than Eps I-III. I refuse to believe that someone else can deliver worse than Jar Jar and emo Anakin.

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Abrams already did worse back on May 8, 2009, a true black Friday. 


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Abrams is a good story teller he refreshed star trek let's see if he direct G.L.'s star wars vll, Lucas is writing the 3 movies Abrams directs.

it's still Lucas's vision.


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Personally, I like it. I liked ST09 purely in the vein of a fun summer action sci fi flick. It reinvigorated the franchise which by 2009 was in serious peril, just as star wars is now, at least in a creative sense.

 I would make the argument that Star trek style stories are best told on tv. In a perfect world we would have a show that deals with the morality plays and then every 2 or 3 years have a fun action movie that makes alot of money. I would really love it if tv dealt with the prime universe and cinema dealt with the alternate timeline and never the two would meet.

Abrams is better suited to the latter. ST09 felt more like a star wars movie than a star trek movie in many ways and at the very least we can expect a competant popcorn film. also, I felt George faced overly high expectations when he did the prequels, Abrams will have the advantage of, if not low, expectations that will be moderated by the prequels. 

Lets just hope disney and lucas does not note the film to death. I am just waiting for those sweet sweet Star Destroyer lens flares. you know they are coming. 

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Here are the two thoughts that fired in my brain immediately:

1. This is an incredibly safe and obvious choice, so much so that I am still skeptical of its authenticity (there still hasn't been an official announcement from Lucasfilm). I guess since he's proven he can make money and win over fanboys and general audiences everywhere, he was the guy to beat for the job. Ever since Star Trek, he's been an internet favorite to reboot everything (often in a joking way), but I never seriously thought he'd consider this, too. Which led to...

2. It's a bit of a greedy move on his part. Does he really need to take on BOTH Star franchises? Isn't this too much of a good thing? Does Lucasfilm want Star Wars to look and feel exactly like Star Trek? Wasn't the appeal of taking on Star Trek so that he could shake out his Star Wars-y ambitions? 

Also, the consensus was that he was the ideal choice to do a Star Trek reboot because he wasn't a lifelong fan that would muddy the waters with preconceived notions. Even Abrams himself implied a while back that he'd bring too much fan baggage to Episode VII. Does this mean he's the wrong choice because he's such a self-proclaimed devotee? Or does the fact that Episode VII is a sequel and not a full-fledged reboot make him the ideal choice? He truly is a great moviemaker either way, but I wish they had gone with one of the more out-of-the-box names that were thrown around so that an up-and-coming and/or traditionally non-genre director could have a crack at it the way Sony has been doing with the James Bond franchise.

Anyway, if this news is indeed true, I hope Abrams stretches himself creatively so Episode VII isn't derivative of Star Trek...which was in many ways derivative of Star Wars.

What a bizarre full circle of nerdery.


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I'm still a bit on the fence about it; I'm personally a fan of the '09 Trek film and am excited about Into Darkness, but I'm hesitant to be excited about him directing the new Star Wars film. I really just hope he doesn't try to reboot the series or change anything in the timeline - I feel like doing so would be a bit disrespectful to the franchise considering how built up it and established it already is. Here's to hoping for the best, though.


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Let's see how much Star Wars history JJ will rewrite... 

- Luke is now the Emperor
- The Siths are the good guys fighting the Emperor
- Tatooine is now a waterworld
- Jabba the Hutt is thin
- Chewy marries Leia
- C3PO is the captain of the Decade Falcon


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