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The Borg Invasion has Begun


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I was thinking about this earlier as I looked at the gas prices here that are $3.45 a gallon. Uncessary. This got me to thinking why would the gas prices be so high?

Then the thought came. The privatization of space flight has only come into being within the last several years where space flight has been controlled by the governments of the world and thus limited.

Now space exploration is not limited to government efforts to colonize space based upon collection taxes but is so aligned that now everyday citizens off Earth can assist the private space industry by donating if they so choose to.

If the price of gas would have been the same price now as it was during Clintons time in office which the price was around .95 cents per gallon then the private space industry would have alot more money available to them now based upon citizens being able to donate to the private space industry.

But with the increase in gas prices the ability for space advocates to supply the private space industry with funds is now severly limited.

This fits in perfect with a Borg attempt to go back in time and effect the politics of the world so that the private citizens would not be able to or severaly limited to providing funds for a private space exploration boom.

If the Borg are in fact real and have come back through time they would know that the first steps for the Federation would have been explore and colonize the Moon and Mars.

Creating a high gas price would cause citizens to not be able to afford supporting the private space industry which would push the development of humanity to become a space based species back to a point where the invention of close to light speed velocities would attract other species in or around the Sol System.

With the limitations placed upon humanities ability to assist the private space industry the Borg might in fact be pushing humanity to a point in time where something devastating occurs to Earth where because of our advances in space exploration and exploration the Earth would have been saved allowing humanity to continue its trek into space to one day encounter and defeat a Borg type species. But with a limitation on monetary assistance such timeline would not be met in time thus curtailing the ability of the Future Federation to mount an assault on the Borg which would then be free to assimilate at will...including Earth.

Resistance is not futile......


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Not like thing cause by the borg

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