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"6 reasons Voyager never really worked" article


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The technological advances they learned about could have made Voyager a fantastic series.  But, I think the stories didn't quite live up to the necessary drama.

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When I first watched it when it first aired, I thought the same way about the Jain way character for being too much like captain Picard. I also found the show lacking a few things like interesting characters est. I found the kes character reminded me of a pixy or fairy or something. I know its weird. The techno babble didn’t bother me either so much as a lack of interesting eps. There were many more boring then interesting ones. Now that I had a chance to watch it as reruns there is a bit more of a redeeming quality to the show.  But can’t say the same for the Enterprise show. I tried to like that one but…sorry no dice.

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Well I am fortunate in that I'm not a fairweather fan of Star Trek and love all movies and shows in their entirety for what they were, though there are episodes and movies I like slightly less than others. For the record, Janeway was clearly a mix of Picard's courtesy and diplomacy and Kirk's stubborness and gusto (ie The Year Of Hell, Endgame, etc.). I've ultimately determined the author of this article is simply a troll. He watched Voyager enough to form the opinion that it didn't live up to TNG or TOS (which was brilliantly written, someone said it sucked on here...) and decided he was not going to like it. It's hard to change that view when you have an axe to grind from being let down. But Voyager did more and took more chances than almost any other Star Trek. I agree TNG was the most well done, but Voyager was the most interesting and compelling and I think objectively, considering all Janeway had to do, it's fair to say she was perhaps the best Starfleet Captain that had been presented to us. And yeah, there was a big emphasis on technology, it's Star Trek, it's science fiction, that's what people want and I felt they used it in very interesting ways like when they went warp 10 or like in Endgame. If there's one criticism I have of Voyager it's that there was not nearly enough conflict in the first two seasons until Seven came along as there could have been, but from what I've figured out watching the shows most Treks don't get really good until the third season and that's true for all of them except Enterprise and TOS was consistently pretty good.


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Time was when Star Trek ruled the air when it came to science fiction, but she became a very big fish in a very small pond. There was Star Trek in reruns, TNG, DS9 and Voyager all at the same time and little else for decent scifi on the air. Then things started to change and other very good scifi series started to appear. before we knew it there was Stargate and it's various spin offs, Firefly, the Battlestar Gallactica reboot, Babylon 5, the reboot of Doctor Who, Farscape. While previous to these shows most scifi other than Star Trek just could measure up, these programs gave scifi fans good alternatives to the Federation. So the sad truth is, no matter how good we believe Voyager to be it simply had better competition. Sadly, I believe this is why Enterprise failed and was unable to last a full 7 year run.

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I'm trying to edit a typo and the friggin thing wont let me!

" While previous to these shows most scifi other than Star Trek just could measure up,..."

This should say they COULDN'T measure up.

Sorry for any confussion.

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Although Ilike the idea of Voyager, the execution was rarely good. There isn't one single character I really liked on the show, they all seemed so one dimensional and hardly changed over seven long and torturous years of this B&B waste of time and energy. It was mindless, often way out of the realm of possibility as far as plotline and technology limitations even for Star Trek, and, in the end, added nothing to the grand scheme of the world of Star Trek. Yeah, they introduced a bunch of Delta races. TOS introduced a bunch of races 40 years before that. Actually, practically every episode of Star Trek ever introduces an alien race if only in a passing line or concept. Yeah, they expanded on the Q and the Borg. TNG did it, and did it better. The only thing that Voyager did that other series didn't do is create the dumbing down of the audience in episodes such as grudge cage match co-starring the Rock. Waste of time. And I tried to likethe show, really I did. I ended up only liking a few episodes, and that's not enough to consider it worthy of the franchise. So, like Nemesis, I tend to pretend Voyager does not exist.

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"Thot Pren"...
Really?....dosnt exist?..that has to be the lamest diatribe I have ever heard. In all the years I have been a Trek fan, I have kept myself away from pages like these, simply because people like you finger fuck everything with your chicken shit details. I have been a "fan" of all the Trek series, I enjoy them, I watch them, but I take them for what they are, just a TV show thats fun to watch. I have never been, nor will I ever go to a Trek convention because of complete and total frikin dorks like you. I own no trinkets of any series and this is the very first website I have ever joined, and to tell ya truth, I am dam sorry I did. I can't believe people pick apart aomething thats just a dam TV show like you people do here....I am so outta here...grow up and get a girlfriend and a god, where do you people come from?...


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I'm not sure I agree with the author's reasons...but I'm afraid I agree that Voyager was easily the weakest of the Star Trek television series.

I am a huge Trek fan, and have been since I was about 4 years old. I own thousands of dollars of memoribilia. I've not missed an opening day movie premier since 1986 (Voyage Home). I've been to 8-10 conventions, visited the Las Vegas attraction 3 times before it was taken down, and have read a ton of books, etc.

That said, I stopped watching Voyager regularly during it's UPN run in the mid-90's. I just couldn't stay hooked. Now that it's been on Netfilx, I've tried to re-engage and watch it again, but I still can't get through it. It's not for lack of trying...I simply can't connect with the series. I contrast that to my re-visit of DS9, which I tore through and couldn't wait to see the next episode...

I consider most of Voyager to be "TNG Lite." It's kind of a watered-down version of Star Trek. It had a great premise, but it was too repetitive and formulaic at the end of the day and it failed to live up to what was a tremendous potential. The show relied way too heavily on technobabble solutions and space anomolies / time loop plot devices were featured way too heavily. The characters were weaker overall. I liked Tuvok and Paris, but everyone else bored me and I never connected with them.

So, I don't believe that VOY was a "bad show." It was still a very good show. But, it was easily the weakest series in the Star Trek franchise.


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That was hilarious! Voyager is my next to last favorite show, but it was still alright. However if they did a few things differently it could have been great


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Quote: Sora @ Feb. 04 2013, 7:18 pm

Quote: Spouter @ Feb. 02 2013, 5:59 am



>I cant log onto that link, but from the comments above, it seems this guy (?) dislikes Janeway and Torres, and dislikes the fact that Tom Paris Fancies B'Elanna - maybe hes gay, fancies Tom and is jealous of his interest in B'Elanna? He sounds like one of those fans who got a bit jaded with ST, and was desperately trying to find something on which to blame his waning interest. However, since Voyager is absolutely excellent, and the best ST show overall, he has failed miserably.

>Heres my 6 reasons why Voyager worked perfectly:

>1 - Great characters, and, apart from Janice Rand and T'Pol, had the sexiest regular female characters in ST.

>2 - Set in unknown space, where potentially, anything can happen, rather than just warping backwards and forwards on missions for StarFleet in an overly familiar area of spece.

>3 - The best Starship, apart from the original Enterprise.

>4 - Year of Hell, best ST ever imo.

>5 - Better FX than TOS and TNG. Obviously, since its a more recent show, but the point still stands, better FX.

>6 - Voyager had the best of both worlds, so to speak. being in the Delta Quadrant meant lots of new aliens etc, and stories that TNG couldnt really ie, Prime Factors. However, it didnt stop them featuring lots of familiar faces: Klingons, Romulans, Q, Ferengi, Geordi laForge, Riker, Cardassians, Barclay...


I just wanted to say that I absolutely love Voyager, and I love your reasons why Voyager does work, and I agree with you on Year of Hell as well! Year of Hell is not only my favorite episode of Voyager, but it's my favorite episode of Star Trek in general. Voyager is so awesome! Enterprise was so awesome! The TNG movies were fantastic! DS9 was amazing! I just don't get these fans who say they are fans but then go and hate on practically the entire the franchise.

Thanks Sora I have to agree with everything you say. Much as i love TOS, the other ST shows are even better, not just in terms of FX but characterisation and innovative stories. Nothing in TOS equals `Year of Hell', `Far Beyond the Stars', `Inquisition', `Twilight' and literally hundreds of other fantastic stories from TNG/DSN/Voyager/Enterprise. Ive been watching DSN season 6 and Voyager season 2 on DVD, and they are stunning - anyone who thinks Voyager is crap, just watch `Deadlock'.


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Quote: james.escoffery @ Feb. 04 2013, 2:35 am


>Translation of his 6 Reasons why Voyager didn't work:

>1. I got biases against Voyager
2. I've heard of some weird ideas for people in command positions: Klingons, Vulcans, Androids, but women are indeed the strangest aliens of all!
3. I watched other Star Trek shows first, and as a result, will aggressively hate everything that comes afterwards.
4. They fired the the bestest writer in Star Trek history, Ronald D. Moore.
5. I eat crayons.
6. Star Trek isn't supposed to be about discovering strange new worlds and distant civilizations... It's about Humans vs. Klingons!



I think you're translation is correct

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I enjoyed reading everyone's perspective on the Voyager article.  There were excellent points made for both pro and con.  I did enjoy watching Voyager, but just like the other Trek television series, there were some episodes that could have been written better in my opinion.


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