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Alternate Timeline (Abramsverse) Question


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Report this Jan. 31 2013, 7:43 pm

Quote: Chrisdude @ Jan. 31 2013, 7:17 pm

>Yeah. If he shows onscreen, he existed. However, I've never doubted TAS as canon. The way I see it, if later shows contradict TAS, that show made a mistake. And some TAS events have been acknowleged in later shows, anyway.

>But regardless of April, the ship was still constructed later. And Pike was captain on its maiden voyage... Yet April was still captain of a ship called Enterprise before then...

>Did Captain April, according to TAS, definitely captain the 1701? Or is it ambiguous enough to have been a different ship named Enterprise?


its 2 different universres.

if you accept April as canon, in the prime universe he captain the 1701 thast later was captasin by Pike and evn later by Kirk.

in JJ's Universe he either captained a different aship all together, or was space doc cap while the ship was in trial runs.



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