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Why has National Geographic screw up two nightmare case for mankind


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Report this Jan. 18 2013, 1:36 pm

First specail when Aliens attack. Why Aliens attack total none sense. They get lot jet fighter shoot back at them. Going attack orbit at least first if they want shock aw effect let everyone see first hand allow sattilites militery get crushed. See ourself defese less or going just bombing space going to drop combat robots bring fear destroy industrusm they hit from space likley laser to. Also they watch did hit run operation they going to send drones after way smell easily hit rife or anythng else.

Alos Evaltion Earth beside fact forget the option simple moving Earth every if something was happen. Specail case Neturan Star. Of course using object big astriond or lot more of them. Of even plan artifcal gravity move astriond so part astriond defense plan it very possible turn that option.

THen of course the starship design anti matter to dangers. Well saver then 80 year voyage to the nearest Earth like planet. Everything possible can go wrong.


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Yeah I saw that. That was my thoughts too. How stupid do they think humans are. I would think they would take the time to assess the situation instead of just basically shooting blindly in the dark.
As for the aliens them selves, they were suggesting that maybe it was just a giant drone/ probe designed to harvest some kind of bio-fuel.  Personally the people who where in charge of the show project were too cheap to add any good alien animation.

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I total agree that National Geographic doing terraible job coming program nightmares of mankind.

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