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New TV Show


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If it's about Starfleet Academy then I would prefer that the students are totally new characters and that say one of the professors/teachers is a familiar character; Tim Russ, Kate Mulgrew or maybe Dwight Schultz.


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Sorry, I think it's a crappy idea. What does one do at the Academy?. Go to classes. Cant see at all how that woulbe be an interesting series for very long.

Species 8472

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No to an academy show please. How about a special / black ops show.


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I think what has allways been appealing about Star Trek is the exploration
The Academy thing just wouldn't work because it would become stale very quickly or just turn into
Star Trek:90210
Based around school dating etc...
Please don't!! Would be such a shame and so insulting there's enough mindless TV
So I go back to what I said in another thread about this
Star Trek 500 to 1000 years after TNG
Exploring other galaxies, new technology, new races
With today's CGI could be amazing if done right


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Quote: Species 8472 @ Mar. 13 2013, 6:28 pm

>No to an academy show please. How about a special / black ops show.
Just as bad. What's the premise of such a show? "To Boldly Go...Kill...What No One Has Before"?

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At this point, I don't care. Just get Star Trek, in some form, back on television. I miss it. It's not like I *don't* have every episode on DVD. There's just something fun about watching Trek, knowing that other fans are watching it with you. That's the magic of this crazy world of Trek!  =/\=

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