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New TV Show


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I like the idea of a Star Fleet Academy series.  At this point I'd be happy with ANY NEW SERIES!!! HINT HINT, Paramount are you paying attention to your FANS!!! 


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How about:

USS Ark-Royal. Brand new class of ship (carrier style with lots of experimental shuttles), retrofitted warp/quantum slipstream propulsion, daughter of an admiral captain (who is obsessed with Voyager and worships Janeway), brand new alien as 1st officer.

set 37 years after Nemesis, with elements of the STO story cannon included.

Then after a few series, kill off the captain, new ship again. USS Quantum. Purpose build for slipstream technology and to re-explore the Delta quadrant. the Ark-Royal's 1st officer becomes captain. Has 'belly bay' that holds an Intrepid class and two defiant class ships, a 'saucer bay' that holds Tactical Assault Vessels (TAVs).

Starfleet orders The Quantum to re-trace Voyager's course through the Delta quadrant with a small fleet comprised of USS Ark-Royal, USS Dawn Angel (same class as the Ark-Royal), USS Quantum and the 3 'belly ships' that the Quantum carries.

It would open up chances to have some old aliens and some new ones and would probably have a continuing story ark like DS9.


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I agree that a Starfleet Academy series would end up becoming a terrible teen drama and low-rating, and I don't think I'd be willing to watch it, which would upset me a great deal, as I've loved pretty much everything bearing the 'Star Trek' name. It would end up deviating from the whole Star Trek 'danger - solution - more danger -epic climax solution' make-up, because there would be no imminent danger.

But thinking about it... depending on the story basis etc, it may be a good suggestion.

I'd like to see what Riker would be like commanding his own ship, as it was always suggested but never actually happened! Although Picard is without doubt my second favourite captain, Riker was an awesome character... Along with that fact, what happened to Wesley Crusher? Seeing as he's still young, Will Wheaton's about the right age to return to do a series concering his character.

I would also personally love to see Data revived. He was a fascinating character in my eyes. But again, that's a personal opinion. (I've always preferred the characters like Spock and Data.)

Not only that, but although it has many movies and 3 series, I miss the Original Cast.

I don't really have a wealth of suggestions, just really some personal interests that I'd like to see. Personally, I'll watch anything to do with Trek, it's been too intergrated in my life for me to not, really 

In short, please make a new Trek series!


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Although I would love to see teens start watching Star Trek (a new show would lead them to the goodies, some at least) I would not want to watch Star Trek Academy.So YES to new young fans and NO to something that wouldn't be Star Trek at all.

Space Travel is the point.. Discoverring new things and meeting strange people, new cultures and all that. To be honest.. I would love another TOS or Next gen only with new characters. Every episode being it's own story and charaters who have real chemistry like Spock, Kirk and Bones did.

Exploration not explosion!


Resistance is futile. You will all love Star Trek.


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Keepin it simple a new show to exceed, will need action, some decent actors, special effects and a story based on something that most people can relate to in order to watch. My guess would be 24th century so that all that time line can tie in some what. Section 31 would be a fun story but that won't happen not enough not enough ppl know it or care.


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A Starfleet Academy could be interesting, even with young adults as cadets and older members as instructors.  They could also do their summer study onboard the ships we all know and love.


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Quote: FleetAdmiral_BamBam @ Feb. 12 2013, 12:27 pm


>A Starfleet Academy could be interesting, even with young adults as cadets and older members as instructors.  They could also do their summer study onboard the ships we all know and love.


I was just thinking about something similar to that the other day.  Vulcans aren't the only race in Starfleet to have vessels of science and study, Humans are quite logical too (some more than others).  So, there could be an entire series about Starfleet Academy, one which includes hands-on exploration and learning in space.  There could be a branch of the  academy that is in fact in space, even an entire space station, a sort of city too.  And not only teens apply for Starfleet, right?  So there would be adults from other races too.  A show like that would be totally awesome!  Oh, and naturally, the space branch of the academy will have ships and will coincide with the one on Earth (and perhaps other planets) so you could see people going home from time to time, on vacation, or even away missions, and other adventures too.  Like I said, a show like that would be totally cool!


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What about a mini-series about Worf becoming an academy professor, teach i don't know, maybe tactical/security/strategic operations to a group of elite cadets.  Kind of ENT MACO's in training, a hand picked group of cadets looking for a challenge; 24th Century SWAT. We know that O'brien relocated to Earth to teach Engineering at the Academy at the end of DS9, so he would be a natural fit in the series. 

Think about it, cameos from not one, but 2 Star Trek series; and the academy setting would give Star Trek the chance to bring in some younger/fresh fans to gain interest in the franchise as a whole. I am sure with a strong enough team of writers could conjure enough compelling stories to warrant a series run.  

Coincidentally this would be Worf and O'brien's third Star Trek television series together.  


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I like this idea because it seems broad enough to work. Moreover, if it were based in San Francisco, you might be able to make an every-episode tie in with United Federation of Planets work. And I think that might open up a lot of possibilities.

For example, you might have a representative from United Federation of Planets working covertly with a special operative of Starfleet who happens to be a sort of space super spy whose methods are questionable and who is wanted for several crimes associated with the work he/she has done in the past while secretly working for Sarfleet/UFP, or instead who commands an elite team of alien space commandos whose methods are questionable, etc., for secret missions. If it went in directions like those, I would dig it.

What I would not like would be if it was like a Star Trek version of Jag or Top Gun or something approaching that style of thing.


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Not a big fan of "Starfleet Academy" series but if they had some of the cast from TNG and/or DS9 it would be cool. I would watch no matter what but any of the prior casts would rock in a new series.

M-class Planet

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I be interested in a series or film that follows Riker and Troi on the USS Titan, being as Nemesis explained that they married and Riker took command.


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I agree that the Starfleet Academy series, while it could potentially be interesting, would run the risk of being compared to a teen soap. Would be a big hit for The CW network though!

No, I think if they were to do another prime-time series, it should be similar to TNG or Voyager. Perhaps another generation or two ahead. I, for one, enjoyed Enterprise, but a show like that couldn't happen now. The "Powers that be" would never allow it. Paramount has to protect their new film franchise.

The best bet for a new series, would be to do CGI webisodes, or air on Cartoon Network, like Lucas did with Clone Wars. I hear that didn't work out too well for Star Wars fans, but I think it could be done right for Star Trek. Wouldn't mind seeing a TNG animated series, although that would probably be too expensive to get the original actors back to do the voices--like the original series cast did in the '70s.


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I think with the extent Paramount, Bad Robot and the other parent companies of Star Trek would go to so that their cash flow isn't vapourised by another TV series with such an extremely mixed and divided reception as Enterprise that is is doubtful that there will be another Star Trek TV series for a number of years; at least until the copyrights and safegurds around the JJ-Trek films end or monetary support for them dwindles and the companies start looking for other sources of income.

Fans like me, who aspire to direct on the big screen and have the dream of making a Star Trek series of film will have to wait a long time and work very hard to achieve that dream.

I think the best option in the short term is for a group of Trekkies/Trekkers to band together and put some money in a pot to create a pro-style webseries. A sort of 'By the fans For the fans' thing.


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I think the way they would have to make the star fleet academy show work, without becoming a high school drama, would be if the academy decided to create a mobile academy unit for students to learn in the field rather than in a school. Like a science vessel with a cull crew and a working academy on board so that way the students would actually face real issue.

personally I'd like to see a show from another perspective. A vulcan/Klingon/romulan show. But that might lose some of the appeal.

i know when I got the DVD box set of TNG movies, Frakes said something in one of the commentaries how he would have loved to make a show about he and Diana with a few kids, that took place after Nemisis. I think I've joked by saying "Rikers in Space"


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Quote: MatPress @ Feb. 21 2013, 3:47 pm


>i know when I got the DVD box set of TNG movies, Frakes said something in one of the commentaries how he would have loved to make a show about he and Diana with a few kids, that took place after Nemisis. I think I've joked by saying "Rikers in Space"


I suppose that if the ship crashed and left them stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, then the show could be called "Riker's Island". LOL!

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