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How about mirror universe movie

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Now you are just opening up a can of worms.


All of Star Trek is a can of worms. A mirror universe movie just doesn't feel interesting to me.

It wouldn't be interesting to 99.9% of the movie-going population, either. Mirror Universe stories are good break-ups in the middle of a television season because they give you a different viewpoint of a familliar character. it would be useless as a feature film.



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"mmmm...maybe you mean something along these lines:"



Would Spock have a beard, or chest??


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I think that if you take in to account the nature of the last movie and the last series, in terms of how they are marketed, it seems the overall feeling is one of a percieved need among Trek producers that the trekkie base needs to be grown, and it seems the way to do that is to appeal to new viewers by redoing some of what has gone before.

Therefore, whether or not such producers would feel they have grown the trekkie base enough by the end of April, to soon do a mirror universe movie which would flip the entire Trek universe on its head, I'm not sure.

Personally, whether its done or not, or however its done, I don't think its the most intersting idea out there. For one thing, its an idea that has been used before. Nonetheless, I could see myself liking something along these lines if it were done a certain way. 

As for which way, I'll just say that I did not particualrly enjoy the 2-part "Through a Mirror, Darkly" arc during Enterprise Season Four. I enjoy the standard amount of Trek campiness, but I felt that arc was ridiculously overwrought in that sense.

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