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I need proffesional trekkie & trekkers help!


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Hi we are a group from the school - and we are branding the company Virgin Galactic so  we sat down and discussed the area around Space tourism. then it hit me, why wont we ask the real space fans, the pioneers in space philosophy - the trekkies!

so here is the questions and feel free to discuss other stuff! (hey its a free forum..well almost)

would you pay 200 000 dollars to go for a trip to space, is so - what type of person are you and your motivation

And if not  what type of person you think would use this service.

also as an extra timer:

what do you guys and girls think of the website:


Thanks for ALL your help.... and may the force be w.....haha just kidding

/Dominique, Mattias, Rafael, Matilda and Joakim. 

Lone Palm

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I would not pay $200,000 to go into space.  Even if I had $200,000, I would wait for the service to become more affordable. The people most likely to use the service are wealthy individuals, who can afford to spend $200,000. I do favor privatization of the space industry and wish it the best. 

The website looks good, function, and easy to move around.


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Sure why not, for someone who can afford it.

i read some company wants to send people to the moon by 2020! for the small price of 750 million! per person.

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