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Puzzled About Insurrection


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I was watching Star Trek Insurrection earlier.  I was wondering if anyone knows what shuttle/ship data was flying when Picard and Worf start singing to him?


I swear it looks like the Delta Flyer from Voyager.


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The admiral refers to it as "the mission scout ship" when he briefs Picard. 


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It probably was the Delta Flyer.  I'll have to pull the movie out and watch it now.

I do know the movies have recycled many props, graphics, and even sets that have been previously used on the shows.  The one that drives me crazy to this day is the sick bay set in First Contact.  They simply painted Voyager's  Infirmary, and voila....  NEW SET!  Which then in the other TNG movies, it is a completely new set.  hahaha  It's no grounds for a legit complaint, but it just disturbed me that they could've done a better job manipluating that set.  

Sorry for that little off topic rant!  


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I'm a voyager girl or rather woman so I noticed that and so I thought I'd come and put it here to see if I'm the only one who noticed that.


Oh yeah I saw that too in first contact.


no problem on going off toic rant.



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It wasn't the Delta Flyer, though it did have a vaguely similar shape.

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It was indeed a Federation scout ship nor the Captain's yacht either, but IDK anymore in which TNG movie that was. I dunno that it was carried by the Sovereign class Enterprise-E.

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