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Does Star Trek Get Smart, Again?


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Hello everyone,

Do you think that the actor John de Lancie is named “Q” on Star Trek The Next Generation because of the similarities between James Bond and Lancie’s former show “Get Smart, Again!”?  I personally think that it is more than just mere coincidence. What about everyone else, what do you all think?


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So, no interest from anyone to this topic?   I hope it's not too difficult of a question.


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I've heard a couple different stories on
how "Q" was named, but according to
IMDb, at least, here's the skinny:

Two characters on the show were named after real people:
The alien "Q" was named for Janet Quarton, a British fan;
and Geordi La Forge was named after another Trek fan,
George La Forge, who was confined to a wheelchair.

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