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Transporter/Teleporter Idea


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Hello everyone,


As we all know, Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.  How would this be accomplished though?  That is the question.

All of space is in constant motion.  Solar winds, gravitational forces, and other unknown variables must come into play when you consider teleportation.  When a rocket leaves earth to head to Mars, for instance, it does not go in a straight line.  If it went to where Mars was where it left by the time it got there, the planet would be farther down along it's orbit.  Likewise if that said rocket turned to go back to Earth, it too would be farther down in it's orbit.  Without knowing how space moves the rocket would be forever lost.  I believe the same goes true with teleportation.  Without knowing how space moves you can't teleport anywhere.

We will use Earth as an example.  Say you have point A and point B.  You know where point A is.  You know where point B is.  You teleport form point A to point B.  You don't make it.  Why?  Because by the time you teleported from point A, point B has already moved.  Why is that you ask?  I will answer in the form of a question.   How fast is Earth moving?

Basically The circumference of the Earth at the equator is 25,000 miles. The Earth rotates in about 24 hours. Therefore, if you were to hang above the surface of the Earth at the equator without moving, you would see 25,000 miles pass by in 24 hours, at a speed of 25000/24 or just over 1000 miles per hour.  Of course the higher or lower you go from the equator the speed changes, granted slightly, but does change.  It's all relative to your longitude, latitude, and height from sea level.  I will not go into how exactly you calculate your exact position on earth.  You can find that from other sources online.

But suffice it to say, you can use the formula to calculate two positions on earth you want to teleport to and from and how fast the earth is spinning at each point.  Be sure to take into account earths' axis at 23.6 degrees as well as it's arc around the sun.  Other variables such as gravitational forces from the moon, atmosphere conditions, even electric or magnetic interferences from sources such as equipment, radiation, or our magnetic field you can take into account also.  Again you can find all theses equations online as well.

Once you have all your equations in place you have to remember one thing.  Space moves.  Earth rotates remember?  To that in you need to have a powerful enough computer to be able to keep track of both positions as they move.  You must therefore make your position equations living by making an algorithm designed to do just that.  You wouldn't want to teleport from point A to point B and end up with your head at point B, your body at point c, and the the rest of you at points D, E, & F.  So if it takes your teleporter to teleport you one minute, then your computers must keep track of all positions for that amount of time at bare minimum right?

So you figured out how to teleport successfully.  You can get from point A to point B without any glitches.  Now what?  What about time dilation?  What I mean is this: When we send a probe out into space, the farther it goes away from us the longer it takes to get signal to and from the probe.  Signal can loose strength or fade out all together.  Again the formulas for all this are online if you care to look.  But bare with me here. 

You may not remember it or not but over a year ago a certain scientist said he received a particle from facility A from facility B back in time mere nanoseconds before he sent it.  His findings were proven false.  His watch was off.  Perhaps if he had a better clock and know about the spin of the earth then he might have been successful.  Because if he sent it from facility B it would not have arrived at facility A at all.  Probably in the middle of nowhere buried in some rock if he did.

Einstein stated once that time is only a measurement.  A ruler.  If that is the case then there is no reason why we can't travel up and down it's length.  Take my teleporation theory for example.  All you need to do is modify it slightly in order to do so.  By adding in time to the formula one can go up and down the ruler of time with no more difficulty than teleporting from place to place. 

All you would need to do in order to teleport from point A to point B say five minutes into the past is to calculate exactly where point B is now and were it was five minutes in its past then teleport there.  Keep in mind how long you need in order to complete a full teleport though.  Same is true in teleporting any length of time into the past or future.

Keep in mind that is is all the easy part of teleportation.  The hard part would be converting mater into energy and information and all the way back again to matter on the other side.  We can transmit and receive energy and information, as well as sound, as is in our society today.  From there we can interpret one more by equipment which would be vibrations.  If we knew how to transmit out smell and taste we'd be a step closer though.  In any case figuring out the matter density of any given object, much less a living, breathing, moving object to break down into energy and information, send it across time and space, to be reassembled back into it's corporeal form is gonna take more knowledge and computer power than we readily have available.  

But aside from that last part I would like to know if I have a sound theory for teleportation as well as time travel?  What does everyone think?  Am I on to something or am i going down the wrong train of thought?




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Further thought?

Calculating the 3-Dimensional space in which an object, much less a living breathing being or human for that matter, shouldn't be too difficult right?  Area, width, height for the most part.  Then again, matter density within any object can be different at one point than it is at another.

But suppose we do have a powerful enough scanner to fully catalog everything about an object.  Wouldn't then the trick be having a continuous scan for living objects.  Blood flow, movement of organs, synaptic impulses and the like change almost instantaneously.  Predicting where a living organsim will move or what it will do is improbable.  Take a look at the picture...

Of the billions of atoms, millions of electrical pulses, and hundreds of movements per second... I don't think a powerful enough computer can be built to acurately predict any of them much lest compute them all at the same time.

If they do however do invent one that can, and put my teleport theories to work, as well as my theory of, for lack of better phrase, time travel then that would be something truly amazing to see.

I will be working on my theories here from time to time and see the progress of what I think of.  If anyone has any comments or suggestions at all please don't hesitate to express them.

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Well, the teleportation in Star Trek is possible because all staships have got the ability to follow the tracks of other objects.

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You would need the coordinates of the target location. But, would these change, as the location rotates through space?  I've also read--in connection with the "Philadelphia Experiment"--that each person has a "locked in" identity, based upon your place and time of birth.  So, teleporting would be pretty complicated in reality. 

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I've read the 'Philadelphia Experiment Report' as well.  Even if it was all conspiracy mumble-jumble.  But what I found interesting where the side effects of the experiment.  Even a brief shift in time and place caused molecules of people and materal to be joined.  Bodies melded with metal and so forth.

So my theories of moving space as mentioned earlier would solve some of these problems, though admittedly not all.  Yes teleporting would be astronomically complicated but not impossible.  Maybe if enough like minded people got together and actually worked on it then perhaps teleportation could be possible.

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