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Picard in First Contact


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Picard and company in First Contact do you think they could have saved some of the assimilated crew.  I knew he told them do not hestiate to fire on crew that had become assimilated.


The crew in the best of the both worlds saved him from assimilation.  I just thought maybe he could have done the same.  I know in the movie he had some borg issues and Lilly helped him through it.





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if they had time, sure. But the Borg assimilaed a lot of people, and they were advancing quickly. I think in that situation, a clean death was the only mercy possible.

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I think it would have been way too hard.


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Picard in "First Contact" as Lilly mentioned obviously was some type of Cpt. Ahab in Moby Dig, if he hadn't led down his guard by deciding to save his crew.

That was why in the TNG ep "Best of Both Worlds" they got against orders & changed him back from being Locutus.


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 In Holodeck maybe he could put program in place allow him to save two people assimalted.

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