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Report this Jan. 09 2013, 10:11 am

I noticed in many sites that people praise Jolene for her role in T'Pol but never for her strong dramatic performance during the run of episode Impulse.I mean playing a non emotional character like T'Pol doesn't need a good actress, during the first running of Ent, I always thought Jolene wasn't a true actress but some like a sexy girl and enough. But next and overall in Impulse when I see her strong dramatic performance ( almost I thought she was another actress!) I realized she was a very competent actress and wondered why she didn't get a better job. It's odd her fans say she didn't play so and then complaining why she never got a good career, on the contrary she played bad Z movies. I think playing a charcter like T'Pol wastes a career.As I repeat nobody talk about her strong perfomance. honestly Jolene deserves much better.

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