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Thoughts on Deep Space Nine


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I rank this as my least favorite series. If you ask me why, I would say, because of various reseasons. Some things I do like. For example, Changelings, a race that can change shape and form. But most of it I found that I don't like. There is the war with the Dominion. Cardassions first wanted to work with the Federation and then joined the Dominion. The setting is on a space station, not on a starship like all the series. If they are not at war, or exploring new planets and system, or spying on the Jam'Hadar, they are having various situations were they have to figure out who did a crime and put them in the brig. There is not action, just "who did it"? Let me know your thoughts.

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DS9 is by far the most interesting of all Star Trek shows.  They explored more races, planets and cultures far more in depth than anything that came before it or after it.   DS9 was truly the Apex of the whole ST genre, TOS started it off, TNG re-ignited the franchise and DS9 took it to a whole new intrigue and character building.  But it was all downhill from here unfortunately, VOY and ENT were bad enough to kill the franchise on TV. 


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I think Voyager and Enterprise made it as "what if" a starship was stranded far away from home. Or if Xindi or any other race attacked Earth, what would a crew do?

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I realy like this show for various reason which first of are, that the Dominion is "new to the traditional enemies" & very evil. Furthermore the story evolveing from the mistery of Odo's heritage, over to the first presented Vorta as also the Jem'Hadar leading up to the Founders in their hirachy.


Compared to VOY it's not the "a ship far from home"- story (which into the entire series is attempting to get back). ENT as even new is for me alike the previous, because it had indeed the same producers.


Besides the two new movies the Cardassians are also new-school. They appeared the 1st time in TNG. In their full variaty they were presented in DS9 - to their fullest extend of inhumanity, sadism & a very shortsided behavior.

When Gul Dukat sidet with the Dominion he showed exactly that up & made it definetly clear that he isn't a nice guy, which he always pretentet to be as also believed of himself.


The Borg were also a enemy that was shown 1st in TNG, their movies & of course into VOY in full effect with 7of9 etc.  When they only were into the pilot of DS9 The Emissary, I think that's the reason why I don't like their appearance in Star Trek.


For these facts I realy find DS9 the best of the ST series.


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My thoughts on DS9 is that you had to really think and pay attention, unlike Enterprise and Voyager which you could tune in at any time and be bored to death. 


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I think the setting on a space station and the long story arcs like the Dominion War made the show more interesting, not less.


Look at the typical episode of a ship-based show:  spend 5 minutes meeting the Aliens of the Week.  15 minutes putting the ship or crew in danger.  10 minutes getting them out of danger.  5 minutes wrapping up loose ends and saying goodbye.  Then we never see that alien race again and never see the long-term effects of however they got out of danger.  I'd really rather get to know a few aliens in more depth, and have them face problems they can't solve in 10 minutes.  One of DS9's great strengths was their recurring guest characters -- Ducat, Garak, Winn.  On a ship-based show it's hard to justify running into recurring characters several times.

I'm trying to think of 'who done it' shows on DS9.  "A Simple Investigation", but we find out pretty quickly that who did it is the Orion Syndicate, and the main story is Odo having an affair.  There's "Improbable Cause" but the mystery of the shop explosion is only an entry point into much bigger problem.  I remember those episodes as high points.

I will give you that it's very helpful to watch the episodes in order.


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I like how a lot of the DS9 episodes tie in with other episodes unlike TOS, TNG, and VOY. Those are great shows too though obviously.


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Deep Space Nine has always been one of my favourites, it had much more diversity in the cast and they handled it very well. I've never really liked Star Trek Enterprise though...


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Next to TNG (my first Star Trek love), Deep Space Nine is my favorite because it was a seriously character driven show. It was set on a relatively stationary object; a station (pun intended) so DS9's creative staff had no choice but to really flesh out each and every character, to test them with a variety of problems both personal and professional. Because they couldn't simply tap the Engage button on a console and warp themselves lightyears away at the end of each episode, the characters were forced to deal with the choices they made and confront their problems head on instead of ignoring them or handing them over to someone else to solve.

The diversity in characters was refreshing, it added textures to the storylines which were impossible in TOS or TNG, like Kira's terrorist past, or the many recurring characters like Kai Winn, Gul Dukat, Weyoun, Garak, Rom, Leta, Nog, Grand Nagus, General Martok, etc. I believe these characters only served to show the scope of the Star Trek universe.

The progression of all the main DS9 characters was impressive over the 7 seasons, I believe it in many ways mirrored the stark changes visualized in TNG's "All Good Things" storyline showing the crew in various times. 


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Deep Space Nine, to me, is a rich universe inside the Trek canon. I think it can sometimes get bogged down in sticking with one character too much (Is Dukat the only Cardassian in the series?), but overall, we see the problems of building a society from scratch, rich themes on oppression, war, and religion, Starfleet isn't just exploring on Deep Space Nine. They are acting as a part of a world government. This has less to do with finding a spatial anamoly from week to week, and more to do with building a Federation planet. This deals with the politics, and the decisions, made by the Federation. It's not just the Prime Directive one week and then we move on to another planet. We have to live with the decision for at least a couple of episodes. Self-contained it was not. And it can look like just an adventure show to someone who hasn't picked up the themes on oppression, for instance. Deep Space Nine is not perfect. I don't think any Star Trek show is. But what it attempted to do, and what it succeeded at doing, was create a rich universe in its own right, as its own series. It created the Dominion. It added texture and layers to the Bajorans, Klingons, and Cardassians. It didn't rely on other bits from other series to know what's going on. At least, most of the time. Those are some free-writing thoughts on Deep Space Nine. It's a good, not great, television show. One that I have spent time as an adult re-watching. 

Its stories are about the depth and complexity of human interaction and relationships. It studies us and asks us to look within ourselves, to relate, to ask how would we respond to all that is in their world?


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i'm only a couple of episodes into the last season of DS9, so i will have thoughts soon.  So far I've been completely hooked!

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The most politically astute, subtle of the series. Wish it would continue and grow. House of Cards in space. If only.

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I hadn't watched DS9 since it was new, until today. I remebered it as being a really good idea for a show, but that's about all I could remember.

After reviewing the first six episodes of DS9 Season One, today, my initial impressions are:

It has my favorite sets of any Star Trek, series. Although, admittedly, I'm yet to watch Voyager in full.

I also love the combination of characters in DS9. The space station setting let the writers get away from the stadard Starfleet chain of command configuration, and I love it.

It also seems to have more whimsy about it than other Trek series. I suppose it's a combination of the sets and the characters, because the stories are pretty serious. But it really has a certain almost Fraggle-Rock-esque charm about it and I love it. 

As for the stories so far, the first two episodes are now among my Star Trek favorites. The following four episodes are yet to completely sell me on the series, but they've kept me excited to watch more.


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@T'Paul: I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear that, after all these years, fans are still revisiting and enjoying Deep Space Nine. Since it sounds like you don't recall much of DS9's storyline, it will seem like watching the show for the first time. How exciting! Out of all the Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine benefits most from being watched without any knowledge of what is to come. You have so many twists and turns ahead you!

I agree with all your observations. The Deep Space Nine‘s sets truly are remarkable. The Promenade is just so enchanting and detailed. The characters all have interesting, distinct personalities and interact with great chemistry. I've never thought about the show as "whimsical," but after thinking about it, you’re absolutely right! It does have a sort of exotic, alien charm that isn't present on the other Star Trek series.

Judging from your last post, it sounds like you're enjoying the show so far, but have been let down by the most recent stretch of episodes. Don't let the mediocre first season discourage you. Some fans would say to skip ahead to another season. However, my advice would be to persevere through all the episodes to get the full experience, taking the bad episodes with the good.

Lastly, I would love to read more of your thoughts as you progress through the series. Have you considered creating a discussion thread to keep us updated on your rewatch? Of course, it's entirely up to you. I just enjoy reading others' experiences and reactions with this amazing show!


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It isn't so much that episodes 3-6 of Season One let me down. It's more like I feel that they haven't sold the show to the extent where I would consider DS9 the best Trek series, yet.

But yeah, it is much like watching it new again. I thank you for your kind words and I will certainly keep you posted.

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