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Borg: Origins New Movie concept

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Created by: Epsilon1701


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Movie would be based on the actual origins of the Borg themselves. Be full of action, visual effects, science, and to some, a huge twist at the end when it doesn't end happily ever after! No references to Start trek or the federation might help set this apart from some of the Trek stigma that unfortunately follows us around today. Heck, you could even leave the Borg reference out of it either to the end or all together.

D. Cottingham

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In theory I like the idea, but it would be difficult to pull of without involving Starfleet or the Federation.


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Problem with trying to include them is the federation and even Star Fleet doesn't exist yet. I suppose you could throw time travel at it but to tell the "story" it really wouldn't be necessary. Plus if it involved the federation going back in time it would be either to simply observe or to stop the problem before it starts bur I'm not sure the federation would ever go that far. Now section 31... /shrug but I wouldn't call it origins if the plot was going in that direction...


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If you're not referenceing Star Trek or the Borg...what's the point of the movie. It really means nothing without those points of reference. It would just be a half-baked obscure scifi movie that wouldn't make a lot of money.


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We alreadly know the origins of the Borg to limit level it does sound that interest. We know Borg evolution race turn themselves into cyberborgs. Also all type better ways show how Borg came to be without doing a movie on it. Fedration intellegnce likleyhood know the Borg history inside and out. You real think Caption Pircad. Seven of nine and so on did know Borg history inside and out. Not like something Borg likley keep secert. I think Federation being deeply in it more helpful in talk about using against the Borg.


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I could live with out in deth story of Star Trek's lamest villian.

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