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Voyager DVD set: possible bootleg


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Report this Jan. 07 2013, 5:48 pm

I recently purchased a Voyager complete series set, and I have a feeling it might be a bootleg, but I'm not sure.  All of the bootlegs I've heard about come in cardboard boxes.  This set has plastic "pages" for each dvd.  But they're pretty flimsy, and have a generic "DVD" logo on the top.  They are held together on one side by a piece of tape.  There is no episode guide on the back of the set.  The "pages" slide out of a clear slipcase from the bottom; the slipcase is a single piece.  The picture (a sticker) on the front of the slipcase is a bit off center of the white circle printed on the slipcase itself.


The DVDs themselves seem OK.  No free space on the discs when I put them in my pc.  The barcode around the inner circle near the hole is there, on the playing surface side of the DVD, as well as "Star Trek Voyager Season 1."  This is not printed on there, but what I'm guessing is lasered(?) on.


I don't know if this set is still being produced and the packaging has changed slightly, or if this is a new generation of bootleg that is closer to the original.  


Any help in identifying if this really is a bootleg would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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Report this Jan. 11 2013, 12:02 pm

pics here:


I'm comfortable these are legit copies now.

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