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Enterprise-D so easily destroyed?


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maybe it went down like the USS Grisham in ST3. a lucky shot.

I once destroyed a bottle of scotch by setting it gently on a rock. a weak spot in the glass caused the bottom to fall out of the bottle as well as wreck my night. The point is sometimes tragedies happen. best just to move on. 


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This is precisely what annoyed me about Voyager. The writing in the show consistently tried to make Voyager and their crew vastly superior to anything out there. It's quite ridiculous that Voyager can sit toe to toe with a borg cube and take shot after shot. There are so many episodes where they just take a ridiculous amount of a beating. The Defiant and the Enterprise E are warships designed for fighting. Voyager was designed for exploration yet it was more powerful than both those ships because the writing was weak in places. I have so many complaints about Voyager in certain areas, not the least of which was defeating the Borg, the Hirogen, 8472, and the Q. Captain Janeway was basically made into Superwoman and the crew were made to be the most gifted individauls ever. Rebuilding propulsions systems and trans-galactic communication. Geordi, Scott, and O'brien don't come close to Voyager characters in ridiculous accomplishments. Janeway and voyager would have single-handedly defeated the Dominion had they been in the Alpha Quadrant. These are the things that bothered me for an otherwise good show. Back to original topic. As was mentioned the D was struck in a bad spot which helped bring about its demise. It's not like it was hit once. As for the comments about Riker should have remodulated the shields. Geordi would have looked at the new frequency and the Klingons would have adjusted accordingly, so it would not have mattered. The E simply took way to much of a beating which I deduct points from the movie. The Scimitar should have descimated them. Bad writing!

On a side note, I've never had a problem with the Kirk death or the Enterprise destruction. I've always found the over the top abilities of Kirk annoying. I like his death precisely because it's not epic. Most epic battles come across as stupid when compared to normal battles. Take the over the top duels in Star Wars Episode 3 and compare it to Episode 1 or 6, or even the duel in Rob Roy. Episode 3 duels just come across as flashy and lifeless and so does Kirks beating up of everybody. It was beyond ridiculous that Kirk would have any chance in hell against Khan in Space Seed. I've always preferred movie TOS to t.v. show TOS precisely because of over the top Kirk. Kirk in the movies comes across as intelligent and cunning where as the show had the typical 60's lets get in a badly correographed fight and I win. I love the battles in Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country as they made the ships appear deadly. Tactics and deception won the day, not over the top nonsense. TNG followed those two movies pretty well in showing ships to be deadly.


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Maybe more to intellegnce Klingon know were hit the USS Enteprise D cause must damage as well.


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The major problem was Riker was in command

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