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USS Leviathan NCC-88081


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Star Trek Leviathan


The USS Leviathan is now heading into its 3rd season, our senior staff positions are full but we are always looking for junior officers who can move up the ranks.

We have a great group of 11 players who make up the crew of the Leviathan, please check us out to learn more at   

We have also started work on the Leviathan 2013 website refit, and are looking for suggestions.
What do you look for in a PBEM RPG website?
What types of functions would you like to see?
What types of capabilities do you like?

We are working hard to make the Leviathan the best independent PBEM RPG on the net with the best website available.

This is the mockup for the new site layout, what is your opinion?


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Report this Jan. 19 2013, 12:06 pm

This post is more or less just to get the image of the user W595 (Otherwise known as the SPEIM guy) from appearing all over the message board.

But I do have an update on the Leviathan refit.
So far the structure and database of the site has been completed (Though there will be some more changes to them as I go along with the refit).
Next step is to create the php and other programming.

The Leviathan is in its final weeks of season 2 and we are looking forward to starting season 3.

As soon as our season 2 mission is completed we will be heading to Cardassia Prime to resupply and for a little bit of R&R (As Cardassia is now a part of the Khitomer accord allies as found in the Typhon pact novels)

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