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Questions and observations of "Yesterday's Enterprise"

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With an Alternate Universe Tasha Yar going back to the Prime Universe of the past on the Enterprise C and dying in 2349, that doesn't in anyway interfere with Tasha's existence in the Prime Universe because she would have been a girl of 12 or 13 y.o.? Would there be two burials of Tasha: the AU one who died on Romulus and the PU one who died in 2364? 

Had AU Tasha not gone back with the Enterprise C back to 2349, would the rift still have closed and return the timelines back to normal? Would events in the PU aboard the Enteprise D still exist as they did before the rift was spotted? From their point of view, it only existed for a few seconds. Guinan of course would be the only one to notice all this. AU Tasha would still exist in her timeline, Enterprise C would still get destroyed at Narendra 3, and Sela would not be born or exist on Romulus in the PU.

Also, just noticed this for the first time: Lt. Castillo's Starfleet insignia pin, that we have seen in most of the Star Trek films from Khan to Generations, is a com badge! So, did someone at Starfleet Command invent and or adapt the communicator from the handheld flip versions to incorporating it into the Starfleet insignia pin in 2349 or before in the 2340s? Here, I thought they came out in the 2350s?


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I gave up on trying to fully under ST's AU and time travelling exploits long ago and learned to just accept it, so I have no opinion on all that.

However, the Enterprise C was in service at around the same time Picard was on the Stargazer, and in the episode where Q takes him back to his Academy days he is wearing the old movie-style uniform with a comm badge.  Apparently those uniforms were in use until just prior to TNG starting, and the comm badge had been around for some time before that.

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