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Starbase 400 - An Estblished Simm


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Report this Jan. 05 2013, 4:18 pm

Everyone wants to be apart of an active simm, right? Not one that's here today, gone tomorrow, and you're left wondering what happened! 'Hey, where
is everyone??'

So why not join a Simm that's been active in the Star Trek Universe for over 17 years! Starbase 400.

Starbase 400 is a well established Star Trek simm set in the post-Nemesis era (2388). We take canon Trek, mix it with a little simi-canon, and the
simm's own history to make a unique simming expense for everyone!

Currently, Starbase 400 is looking to fill these important positions;
Chief Science Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Command Master Chief
1st Marine Division Executive Officer
1st Marine Division First Sergent
Asst. Chief Security/Tactical
Asst. Chief Operations Officer
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer

Starbase 400 is a Nova played game. Learn more at and join the adventure today at! We can't wait to have you aboard!

-Mike Bremer -Admiral Bremer - Starbase 400 -

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