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Why all the negativity?


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Another big issue I have with Enterprise is their handling of Vulcans. They don't show Vulcans as a passive, logical, emotionless race. They show them to be haughty, judgemental, and extremely arrogant. It really bothered me that they took so many liberties with such a basic and important part of the Star Trek universe.

That was covered in season 4 episode 7 "The Forge". The Vulcans were not following the true teachings of Surak.

My biggest issue with ENT, aside from only lasting 4 seasons instead of the 7 I hoped for, was they left the identity of the leader of the temporal cold war for the Suliban unrevealed. 

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I agree with you. Before Enterprise came out I used to complain that Star Trek as a whole time traveled us to death but then ENT came out with the temporal cold war and I found myself half way enjoying it and then they leave me hanging without revealing the identity of future guy. But considering that they felt forced to make such drastic changes to the show every season just to regain viewers or keep viewers I am not suprised that the indentity of future guy was just thrown off into the sidelines and forgotten about.

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Quote: Trekker95 @ Jan. 05 2013, 3:40 pm

>I've never actually seen more than two or three episodes max. of Enterprise, so I was wondering why so many Trek fans (Trekkies and Trekkers alike) seems to hate on this show so much.  Is it really that bad or was it just too much Star Trek?

My opinion: 

Because 'Enterprise" represented pure laziness on a creative level as well as a total lack of respect/open disdain for the fandom of the Star Trek franchise. Berman and Braga clearly slapped this series together on the belief that fandom would lap-up anything related to Trek, and that quality was not a requisite in the minds of "trekkies." This show was an abomination to anyone with any level of discernment.

I, as did a great number of Trekkers, gave this series a honest-to-God shot at impressing only to be disappointed time-and-again by rehashed/plundered stories from previous incarnations along with generally poor characterizations. And T'Pol (Jolene Blalock), sweet Lord Jesus, talk about the perfect marriage of a talentless actress with an asinine character and irratating voice, WOW! Linda Park's character, Hoshi Sato, started off strong but was quickly marginalised. I feel sorriest for the actor(?) Anthony Montgomery, Travis Mayweather, who was as bland as could be and was generally only there to remind folks that he grew-up aboard a space-freighter. Just being reminded that this series even exists makes me one glum chum.

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I think it has a lot to with the fact that it a lot newer than the other series and people were kind of burned out on the Star trek idea. It is actually my favorite series because it is very different from the others. Somepeople also say that it contradicts the original series, although ive only found one or two errors so far.

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