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Star Trek Fan granted his last wish to see the new movie before it is released.


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Terminally ill fan gets to see "Star Trek Into Darkness" before release

It is very heartbreaking to hear this fans problems that he is having being that he is only a few years older than I am.

Dan's story is the reason why science needs to continue fighting for research to cure cancers. Especially when it comes to Stem Cell research using the 3D Printing process to create new organs.

May Dan and his family be remembered this season as we set our course to the movie theatres this upcoming May.

May all those afflicted with cancer seek the Star Trek world where their hope for a cure begins at.




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I have sad news, Dan Craft died January 4th. I am glad that he got to have his wish fulfilled.,0,2419952.story

Thank you J.J. Abrams for making a fan's wish come true. This is not the first time Abrams has done something like this for a fan.

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Very bitter sweet story indeed.  
Thanks for sharing.

Yeah totally agree on more research is needed with adult stem cells and with organ generation regardless if its 3D printed or if its grown in a glass container in some kind of solution. But also that it may go to any one needs it and not just the rich and the elite.

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