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Alliance Fleet


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All throughout time, few could say that they have had the power to control their own destiny.  From the simple crew members, to their department heads, to their commanding officers, everyone has a role to play and the way that their role is played is completely up to them in every regard.  It is the writers that make up the fleet to make it thrive in every way imaginable.  Times of war.  Times of peace.  Times of strife.  Times of prosperity.  All of these and more make up the stories that are being written in Alliance Fleet.

Whether you favor wanting to be a member of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol or United Federation of Planets, or helping out the Earth Alliance or Stargate Command, we have a place for every man and woman interested in being an integral part of this diverse fleet.  Alliance Fleet is a place for everyone and we will find a place for you depending on your interests.

Visit us today at

Goodluck, Godspeed, and So Say We All!

Do not be afraid of what is to come cadets. You are the bravest and brightest the Federation has to offer. Though you will sail a ship in a sea of storms you wear the uniform! Thus by that alone you must be a example for all to look up to. So stand tall with eyes open and and fist at the ready and you will bear the storm with diginity and honor!


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Currently, Alliance fleet is looking for crew for these ships:

Current Star Trek Sims looking for crew:

Current BSG Sims looking for crew:

Other Sims looking for crew:

Additionally, more sims can be opened for any new C.O's or players wishing to become a Captain for the first time.

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