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One of the reasons Tolkien gave for creating the world of Middle Earth was to give Britian her own mythology, unique from Greek and Roman mythology.

The other day I was contemplating this in regards to Star Trek. Star Trek has a full and rich backstory full of heros and villians that portray the principles of good and evil. Heros we can worship and villians we can despise. It has a morallity that reflects on real life through the lens of fictional tales. Star Trek started out as an american phenominon that quickly grew to have a worldwide following because the messages it imparted struck such a strong chord in the hearts of the people.

 Did Gene Roddenberry create a new mythology with Star Trek? Has Star Trek actually grown beyond mere fiction and entertainment to become America's own, unique mythology?

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Now that Star Trek is a global phenomeon I think back when it started with TOS:

The crew of the Constitution Enterprise was assembled as a multicultural one. Gene Roddenberry's vision with Uhura was only a dream, at this time. I think at least no one could ever imagine that a Russian would have been on the helm.

Mostly the Klingons these days were ment as Russians. It reflected The Cold War.


With Voy & DS9 it has shown that wemen & Afroamericans nowadays are in high-up possitions.


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I hope people can go to  far places in the universe. Live there lives in what awaits them there. What is now in 2013,

was a dream in 1913. I wonder what lies ahead in 2113? Star trek makes me  envision these possibilities/dreams.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


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One of the good things about ST as mythology is the the fact that stroies can still work but no one is in any doubt that it is fiction. The truth is still out there... to misquote another show. Traditional mythologies are often compromised by people taking them literally.


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There was certainly a Mythology at the peak of Star Trek viewing , around 2001 . The new Star Trek Movies misrepresent Roddenberries Vision though , having an revisionist pro-military view to 23rd Century Politics . But as they say , The Truth stares Us in the Face !- President Barack Obama of the USA is a well-known Trekkie , and his futurist moderate stance is definitely in high standing worldwide , also he seems to be politically reflecting Star Trek's Federation leadership ! And I'm sure many a Trekkie sees Ben Sisko in President Obama !

But Star Trek is no longer in the spotlight , and the new movie doesn't reflect it's views kindly ! Star Trek was already fading during the Voyager-Enterprise run ! I think the Mythology is gone now , competition against current Scifi Franchises and the unwillingnes of Paramount/Cbs to ensure Trek's visibility will only speed the End of Star Trek !


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STAR TREK does not enjoy the mythological status
that STAR WARS does, mostly because STAR TREK
is basically like NASA with a Shat-load of money ...

STAR WARS, on the other hand, is more fantasy-like.
Besides which, you've got main characters in it,
who can go off on their own, with a minimum of fuss,
and have fantastic, epic adventures, just to have them.

captain saavik

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I completely agree with two takes here Star Wars although great for losing your mind to action doesnt have that umph that Star Trek has cultivated for so many years. however, I don't think star trek has become American Myth. Example one: We may say these characters are larger than life but if and when we get to space as our next frontier these phenomena will be completely possible. I dont consider star trek fiction because that implies that it won't happen such as Lord of the Rings. But, Star trek can be considered science possibility because the creaters of star trek actually put thought into the possiblity of what they say could happen. Example two most trekkies although love debating and discussing star trek to my knowledge none of us woreship star trek like a religion. But I could always be wrong.


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Nope! You're right, on all counts, Saavy! Nicely put.
The STAR TREK reboot incorporates more fantasy
elements into its action and stories, it seems.
No doubt, part of its commercial appeal. But it
still relies on the basic premise and formulae
of The Original Series. It hasn't gone and isn't
likely to go so far in STAR WARS' direction, that
it won't be recognizable, or that it'll become "myth."


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Somehow I believe ST is a rooted in the classic sense of a mythology but with a twist; according to Mircea Eliade the foremost function of a mythology is to establish models of behaviour. I think we can all agree that ST does just that.

Quoting wiki; By telling or reenacting myths, members of traditional societies detach themselves from the present and return to the mythical age, thereby bringing themselves closer to the divine.

And here's the "twist", TS does not take us back to the mythical age instead it propose a (mythical does fit because it's bigger than life proportions) vision of a future where humans have evolved into better beings and learned to let go of their primal instincts. That does indeed sound like "getting closer to the devine".

I for one think that Star Wars as the name implies is more of a transposition of the current human behaviours into a futuristic space setting. It deals with the age old "wars" and except for the technological advancement doesn't deal with a better version of ourselves.

The Trekker wants to evolve and tries to avoid if possible primal instincts of war and aggression.


The question becomes: will we succeed or will ST remain a brilliant hope for the future that never be? Or to put it with a Shakespearian twist: To Trek or not to Trek, that is the question?


Make it so.


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Star Trek has many hundreds of hours of story which can and do in some degree serve as mythology. It is also entertainment. Alot of religion is entertainment and many a religious devotee is pursuing unconsciously an escape from reality. Apart from a personal guide in modelling behaviour ST certainly can provide socialogical models in equality and respect and other ways. And it provides a cosmology that is a better fit with our understanding of reality than older world views of gods and turtles or whatever.

Voyager was interesting in reflecting the postmodern zeitgeist of the 90's. We are on the way to nowhere and have to make our own rules. There is a hermaeutic just as in religious understanding. On a deeper mystical level it may be harder to find mythology but I think it is because ST is so deliberately humanist. Star Wars is theist so it is easier for people to think of it in terms of god myths.


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Report this Mar. 06 2013, 5:47 am

I don't know ... mythology, to me, is KING ARTHUR,
as seen in EXCALIBUR, for example. I can not even
imagine anyone from STAR TREK saying (convincingly):

"I was not born to live a man's life, but to be the stuff
... of future memory."

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