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Question about Photo Op's


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Report this Jan. 04 2013, 1:07 am

Hi there,

I am going to attend my first group Photo OP with TNG cast and wondered if its allowed to ask them to place their hands on my shoulders when the photo is taken. The last thing i want to do is break the rules or be inapporpriate.

Any input to avoid emberassment would be much apprecaited,
Thanks guys. 


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Report this Jan. 05 2013, 7:27 pm

You will be moved through photo op lines very quickly (i.e. herding cattle).  However, you can ask the actor to do anything.  They may simply say, "Sorry, no."  Mosty because they are usually seated, the photographer is in a stationary position with the actor, background and you in one location so as to be as quick and efficient as possible.  So if you want a hands-on experience, *you* likely will have to be the one to do the moving around.

I have had the good fortune to do many photo ops and have found that I just get right in there, put my arm around the actor and put my cheek up to theirs and get a pretty wonderful shot, compared to most I see where the civilian and the star look miles apart and scared of one another.

Go for it but do it respectfully.

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