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I felt compelled to join this site and write a brief note after just finishing the series finale of TNG 15 minutes ago. I began with Encounter at Farpoint a few months back and tonight completed the series. First, let me briefly discuss my sci-fi (particularly star trek) knowledge coming into this. I have always been a big sci-fi reader, focusing mainly on the classic authors (Dick, Asimov, Vonnegut....yes, I would call much of his stuff sci-fi, Hebert, etc.). I also consider myself a tremendous Heinlein fan (having read most of his work). As a kid, like any child of my generation (29 years old), I grew up with Star Wars and other fantasy/sci-fi of the 1980's. My parents (old hippies) loved TOS and I recall watching a handful of reruns with them as a child.... being mildly interested, while at the same time laughing at the cheesy sets/costumes/etc. At the end of this past summer I remember thinking that I wanted a nice long television series to get into and "wouldn't it be cool if it was science fiction." It had been years since I read a sci-fi book, and the itch had returned.

While I still had to chuckle at some of the sets/costumes/special effects of the 1st season of TNG, I still found myself really digging episodes. There was just something about the characters that kept me starting up another episode (even when I realized I should be headed for bed). I could overlook the fact that many of the episode plots (during that 1st season) were retreads from about a thousand different sci-fi stories because Picard, Data, LaForge, and the rest were so compelling. I really cared about them. As the seasons went on the plots began to get more complex, and the politics and interspecies dramas were played out in exceptionally compelling ways. The Borg really scared the crap outta me (not the costumes, which were cool as hell, but the idea of a hive collective destroying all aspects of individuality). The Q continuoum gave me something to fantasize about. But, most importantly, the crew gave me an ideal humanity to ponder....

I have heard that many people love DS9 because it is more realistic in its moral ambiguity (and I look forward to starting that series asap). I realize that the world is never as white/black as the crew of TNG would like to pretend it is. But, that is why I loved TNG so much. It felt good knowing that Picard would do the right thing.... EVERY time. I would like to think humanity could reach such a point in time. Unrealistic maybe... but something to strive for nonetheless.

Anyway... that is my cheesy comment on TNG. I am so happy to have watched it these past few months and I know the characters will stay with me for a long time. I look forward to the next movie (and all the JJ Abrams explosions and fight scenes), but I really think that the country needs another television series. Something that can go beyond the action-packed plot needed for a movie and delve into more cerebral territory as TNG did. Anyway... peace out ya'll. Timba... yo my arms is wide.


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I watched TNG when it was first aired on Television.   Last year I completed watching the entire series again of DVD.   Love this show.      Next up is DS9 on DVD.


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People are right about the differences between TNG and DS9. TNG is like bedtime stories you can tell the kids, but with DS9 it's grown up time. They face adult issues. I LOVE DS9!!


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I "recently" began doing what others here have too it seems. I started rewatching the series because I had missed some when they originally aired, and it seems only particular episodes are ever rerun. I watched the entire TNG series. It was a great show, and by far my favorite of Star Trek. I've started Deep Space Nine as well, because I didnt watch much when it was on television and so many have said they enjoyed it more. I felt DS9's first two seasons weren't that great. It was more focused on setting and plot and little character connection. Although, season three began to become better. Right now I'm midway on season six. I'd have loved to have seen more interaction between DS9 and TNG though. 

I do think DS9 handles stories more ambiguously, but that's part of the story. A rough around the edges space station on the borders of the frontier where Starfleet is really just a guest and handler, so to speak, where as the Enterprise was a ship of exploration. Two different mentalities. Shame it didnt get crossed more often.

Rewatching them though has prompted me to join some online Trek RPGs thouogh. 


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Good for you on finishing TNG! It rewarding for sure. The first couple seasons are good for character development but kinda rough to watch now, good you stuck it out.


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THE NEXT GENERATION  has a way of filling spaces
... you never knew were empty. As for its effect on me:
I didn't know how empty was my soul ... until it was filled.


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Quote: aprilgt555 @ Jan. 07 2013, 8:46 am

>People are right about the differences between TNG and DS9. TNG is like bedtime stories you can tell the kids, but with DS9 it's grown up time. They face adult issues. I LOVE DS9!!

Nah. The way I see it, TNG holds the answers to all the lessons you must learn in order to handle all those life challenges and dilemas from DS9.

As a religious analogy: TNG is the Ten Comandments, DS9 is Revalation.

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TNG and DS9 are my two favorite trek shows. However, I like DS9 a little better one reason being is that many episodes are directly tied-in with each other. TNG would usually have one episode being completely unrelated to the next episode. There were execeptions though.

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