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Star Trek From Fantasy To Reality! Just For Fun!


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Star Trek From Fantasy To Reality! Just For Fun!


Star Trek vs BSG HD



A Vision Of "Star Trek" as Such Is In Itself "A Model" To Strive For!

The Ideals It Represents "Have Meaning"

"The Prime Directive" Has Its Actual Origins In Actual Earth Law In Todays Society (Although It Has Been Hidden From General Populous,Why???)

Patrick Stewart Did An Incredible Job Of Conveying That Understanding And The Character Picard Often Talks Of The Incredible Achievments Of Mankind While Stopping To Admire The Art From All The Cultures On Earth, The embodiment Of Creativity Realized By Incredible Peoples Around The Globe!


STAR TREK - (Patrick Stewart Presents Star Trek) - Part 1


STAR TREK - (Patrick Stewart Presents Star Trek) - Part 2


Captain Picard depicts non-interventionism as philosophy.


Since No Other "Model" Has Presented Itself In A Way That Embodies "The Best That Humanity Can Be" Then It Offers "The Best Model For The Future"



Keyword Search Google For Specifics
ie: Electrocoagulation


How To Create A TriQuarter


Four Clusters Of Sensors Are Placed In Each Corner Of The "Triquarter" At Perfect Distances And 90degree Angles To Each Other - "The Quarter"

Because We Have Perfect Distances And Angles On The Nano Or Better Scale We Then Have Known Angles And Distances That Can Be Used To Triangulate The Direction And Strensth Of Any Signal -"The Tri"

Hense The "TriQuarter" Becomes A Reality To Be Ralized!



OnFly Repair Systems


In Hull Nano Metal Coagulants
 "Electrocoagulation" & "ElectroFusing" of Nano Metal Oxide Particle Gel

Metal Reinforcement Via Energy Induction & Magnetic ReAlignment

Nanobot Repair Hubs
Chainlinked NanoBot Fusing

On Hull AutoRobotic Micro Shield Emmitters

MultiLinkNet - Reroute Systems


Deflector Shields
 Refer Google Search on "Deflector Shields" on lunar surface!


Note: Deflector shield technology to be done on the microscale for use in collective deflector shield on surface of craft to avoid atomic merging within larger scale cavity, as in "Project Philadelphia" where invisibility cloak was formed however field within caused atomic merging, refer hutchinsons effect!
Unless Field can be directionalised away from craft like a shape charge then anything inside the cavity will be affected!




NB: Force Field? Also created via three rolls of polymer plastics transfered at highspead creating an electromagnetic field in the space between that stops people from walking through however allows objects to be thrown though, frictional effect of rolls of poly based plastic being transfered from one roll to the other!

Previous Internet link was well? over 10 years old effect was caused by the friction of polymer based rolls of plastics allowing the transfer of molecules from one sheet to the other thus causing a field under the three rolls that a person was unable to walk through and had to back away from to get out of field, however objects could be thrown through, I suggested online at the time that the possibility to reconfigure to solids was a power issue as solids had a smaller EMP Signature! Polymer Friction!




Laser Targeting Systems


Incorporating shape recognition software and Video 3D tracking programs for locking!

Injected ions into beam to increase strength of laser
(Similar to the three lasers into one)
Possibility of destabalising Ions in a manner that increases beam strength


Theorised Incorporated Real World Now Tech Just For Fun! 

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