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South Carolina Conventions


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Report this Jan. 01 2013, 5:21 pm

Ok so I signed up for this message board for the sole purpose of finding a SC convention. Where is one?!?!


*Back story, the sort version.


I walk the line between fanboy, Trekker, nerd, geek, jock and all that stuff. Its hard to explain. Basically I'll pass "your" test but I probably will not make 100%. BUT I have seen every Stark Trek Doc, movie and tv show, I think. I want to go to a convention.  I live in Charleston SC and I want to go to one.  So far Atlanta has a good one in April and I'm sure to go but anything closer?  Honestly it seems horrible that SC doesn't have a regular ST CON of some kind. 

Any one with some info on this.

-Preston Back on Boards and it's Trekker Time

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