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Why killing off Seska was a bad idea and other random wibblings.


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First Wibble: I feel that the scriptwriters missed a trick when they killed off Seska at the end of Basics [Part 2]. Not only was she my favourite 'Bad Girl' but keeping her alive in her love-hate relationship with Culluh could have proved useful to long-term backplot development.

No doubt there will someday be a series of Star Trek set in the post-Voyager era. An era in which the Delta Quadrant would be part of the background. Up to now we've had those fairly reliable bad guys, the Cardassians. Yes, those bad old militaristic fascistic conquerors. Everyone loves to 'kill a Cardi' according to Garrak on DS9. So what has this to with anything? Plenty! Creating an alliance between the Kazon and the Cardassians would have given scriptwriters bad guys with clout and a wide-ranging territory.

*BUT* there is no way Culluh could pull it off on his own. First off, he's not the sharpest tool in the box and secondly he knows nothing of Cardassia. Seska does. After all, she was a Cardassian spy right from the get-go. No doubt, after surveying the scene in the Delta Quadrant she would have decided to make her moves for the greater glory of Cardassia [or whatever their catchphrase might be]. Thus Seska's Cardassian hand would be required to steer the Kazon towards the Cardassians.


Second Wibble: Why did the Voth scientist, Fora Gegen [Distant Origin] have to wear black leather shoes? He's descended from Hadrosaurs and it's highly unlikely that a Hadrosaurian foot would fit easily into a black, slip-on leather shoe. The Hadrosaurian 3-digit hands were very plausible so why not the lower legs and feet? Surely after all the money splashed on rubber masks they could have bought a few rubber chickens at a joke shop and improvised.


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Voyager was not staying in the area.  It was traveling along a course, nearly a straight line to go home.  It has been argued that the writers relied on the Kazon for too long as it is rather questionable as to how far they could have expanded at their technology level which was quite inferior to Voyager.  Keeping Seska alive wouldn't really accomplish anything as the Kazon had been beaten in their last attempt to possess the technology before Voyager got too far away.  As it is, keeping Culluh around as long as they did had already presented another problem.  The Kazon were very territorial, so Culluh, obviously seeing a very valuable prize, was risking his territory being seized by other factions.  He would have had that & more had he not lost Voyager, but for their territorial nature, Culluh was in the show far too long.

While the Cardassians & Kazon might choose to become allies if they were MUCH closer together, it would be impractical at this point, and likely well beyond Seska's lifespan (although I am not aware anything has ever been established regarding Cardassian lifespans) to even attempt to have them even meet.

I am however curious as to what would have happened between the Kazon & Talaxians after the Talaxians came to Voyager's aid militarily. 


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I agree with Broadstorm. Who would become allies with the Kazon anyway? Even the Borg wouldn't assimilate them! They are not the smartest species around, they stole everything they had from another species, and they are at war with eachother. I don't think anyone would make an alliance! I think it was a good thing to kill of Seska. It was time to move on from the Kazon, and find new bad guys.

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