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What Class of Ship would You have wanted in the Delta Quadrant?

D. Cottingham

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I would have wanted the Prometheus class or Akira class because of their excellent defense systems.

Admiral James T. Kirk

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I'd say a sovereign class ship would probley be good since it's not quite as big and balky as a Galaxy class but has all the good qualities of a Galaxy. Or One step better would be an Excelsior class since it has almost the same crew capacity as a Galaxy class. I really want to say a Constituion class but that'd be slightly absurd.

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I agree with an Excelsior class ship, because with this capacity & size you can never go wrong.


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We haven't seen much about Akira, but I think I would choose it. It's not really big, but it has great defensive systems, it was built for the Borg, and looks cool.

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Real depend reason why I am in the Delta Quadrant. If becuase caretaking doubt me  in the Delta Quadrant there then Prometheus class can get me home much fasers if some kind science and reseach mission I choose Galaxy class starship and has good amount speed.



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Well I would want the sovereign as it was the most advanced ship line when it launched.


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sovereign clas, it is much faster than voyeger, has more crew and resources, better weapons, and more sensors capabilities.


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Akira seems like a pretty good call, since it was smallish and well armed, and presumably had decent living conditions. I also want to say a Defiant Class just because it could cloak.


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I like the Intrepid-class ships, like Voyager.  They are fast, have variable-nacelle configurations and can land on a planet.  A hard combination to beat for an exploratory ship.

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I would go with the Sovereign Class; it's advanced weapons, shields, engines, and sensors would be a definite asset in the Delta Quadrant.

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