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New Star Trek movie?

Ninja Vulcan

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Star Trek: Into Darkness will be coming out in May 2013...  I for one, am excited for it. I plan on going to go see it with my other Trekkie friends.  It looks cool, but not quite sure if it'll keep to the true nature of Star Trek.  The last movie that came out was very disappointing for many.  I thought it was good, but if you were one who loved the orginal series it may have been very disappointing.  It didnt have any of that Spock, Kirk, and Bones moments that made me laugh.  So what do you think will become of this new movie????

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THere's already some discussions about the upcoming movie in the movies forum.

D. Cottingham

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I'm greatly looking forward to it! Hoping to go to the midnight premiere.

Jim Kirk

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I plan on taking the day off from work and seeing it at least twice

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I can not postulate an opinion as the movie has yet to be released. After ST09 I am dubious, however I intend to see it opening day. I will settle for it being better than the previous JJTrek.

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Actually, the more I see of it from the trailers the less interested I am. When I saw the first trailer that appeared in early December the trailer looked not much different from a typical futuristic movie with the usual explosions and crashes of some giant ship into water. By the way the special effects for that red planet which McCoy and Kirk are on looks really cheap. Why does a lot of the special effects for movies these days look like it is going down instead of improving and impressing the audience. Oh, well. I look forward to seeing a bad guy character I hope has more depth than the last few movies bad guys which were one-dimensional. And that what I suspect is true. That Cumberbatch is not playing Khan. The whole rumor thing is silly and wishful thinking.

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