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New TV show.


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Yes I know that the movie reboot was good. But I really still like what we had.  Here is my idea for a new show. With all the advancements made against the Borg in Star Trek Voyager as well as other things like the midas array. Then I think it time for Star Fleet to go on the offensive. Advance Worf to the rank of captain, put him in charge of a small fleet, ten or less ships equipped with the Borg trans warp that Voyager acquired. And go on the HUNT for the Borg back along the trail that Voyager just traveled. 


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What transwarp dd Voyager aquire?  I thought they used the Borg Transwarp conduits and destroyed it (or at least part of it.)


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I belive they stold a transwarp coil at least once from a Borg cube. So at the very least the crew would have a working knowledge of how it would opperate on a starfleet vessle. At the most they now have a former drone ( 7 of 9 ) whose memory of Borg systems could be used to create the technology to build the coils. It's the same concept but in reverse like with Picard. When the Borg took him, then they knew everything he knew about earth. Once 7 of 9 got to earth then Starfleet would have access to everything she would know about the Borg. And that mixed with the advanced tech that Admiral Janeway gave them, would make them a deadly threat to the Borg.


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It depend Parmount want to play riskly or safe. If they want to play safe just temproal scientist study Federation history include some alternative timelines. We get see all the best Star Terk all over again. Best of both worlds, Yesterday Enterpise, and so on coming TNG. Coming to TOS all best in that area when coming Deep Space Nine and Enterpise the same. 


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Here a new idea how about having a Star Terk show basic on idealogy. Maybe race fled own solar system when star near by it going Nova force leave must population behind and they know UFP could easily save every last person civlation. They start in deisgn and having working warp drive shortly after the Dominion war. They start giving warp techology any race that can handle it but yet design warp drive or having able to safly store anti- matter. You can immagine how UFP response when they doing in borderlines. Because it making war much worst UFP order stop interfearing other race before design and having work warp techology. In response entire war break lose over idealogy both sides right and wrong same time. Rather having black and white stuff like Dominion war.


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There's a kind of freedom in being totally screwed, you know things can't get any worse.


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Just yesterday, I conceived of an idea for a new Star Trek television series, but I'll be damned if I can remember it now!  


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Rumor has it that Enterprise MIGHT return for a fifth season if people watch it enough on Netflix. I would kill so see Enterprise agian!!


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The most striking thing about some Star Trek franchises after TOS (especially TNG) is that while they TALK about the wonderful moneyless economy where many of society's ills have been resolved, the actual characters and plots are as full of overwrought sturm und drang as any soap opera.

The relationshiop between Chief O'Brien and Keiko is one of the most unpleasant to watch of any on all the ST series.

I'd like to see some of the "better world" that's supposed to exist in the ST universe but that we rarely see even a glimpse of.

It seems to me that TOS avoided much of the self-contradictory behavior evident in later series by dealing with situational morality plays involving other cultures.  "We" could help them solve their problems without tarnishing our own image.

1) I'd really like to see some of the "better world" TNG universe - good, psychologically healthy people meeting challenges not of their own creation, along with with the optimism of TOS (Kirk never slunk away from encounters with more powerful aliens the way Picard did).

2) While "Enterprise" creates a whole new pre-TOS universe, I'd like to explore some of the referenced pre-TOS universe - long ship travel times, Captain Garth before his fall into insanity, the war with Romulus.

2b) I could easily cope with a fifth season of "Enterprise" if it included some of what I mentioned above - human relationships fulfilled, more direct pre-TOS connections.

3) I'd be happy to watch a "unified" Star Trek universe moving forward after the Voyager / DS9 era, and yes, again with the "solved problems in evidence" and "TOS optimism" I keep harping on.

At the end of the ST's television run I was left hungry for character development / fulfillment.  How about Reg. Barkley settling down into a confident, successful officer (maybe with a wry, knowing wink for less confident junior officers) ?

Ro Laren is another character (who I believed to be dead, but apparently she appears briefly at the beginning of Nemesis?) who I'd like to see fulfilled.  Absolutely one of my all-time favorite characters (until she "went bad").

It would even be good to see young actors from DS9, TNG and Voyager reprise their roles as captains, admirals and other successful, consummated life stories (none in particular).

I would watch another ST series regularly, unless it devolved into a Battlestar Galactica-like melee of conflicted psychotic losers.

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