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Invasive species


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What’s the solution to habitat infringement?

We face an ongoing ecological problem. A number of species of mammal, reptile, fish, insect and plant are replacing the original flora and fauna - often at the expense of a sustainable environment.

Using Tribbles to represent all these species, what real world solution would you recommend for their removal?

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While keeping in mind the ecology of the location in question, I believe re-introduction of species that were once deemed "predator" class would shift the balance back or at least closer. A Pro: the animals will drop back into the more true hierarchy of the specific food chain which would most likely lead to elimination or drastic reduction in population of the Tribble like species. A Con: it could knock things way off as the animals who exist may have evolved additional protective mechanisms. A sort of in-the-event of danger mechanisms.

There was a movie once, the title escapes me, but they genetically engineered a predator to cut down on pests and introduced roaches. Big mistake. If the animals (predators) have simply migrated to other locations, rather than being extinct, re-routing them and providing a fit re-introduction to the ecosystem may prove beneficial.

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