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Why I disagree that JJ Movies taking best of Star War from them however I like just same.


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Report this Dec. 29 2012, 6:32 pm

JJ did not take good part of Star War only planet destory weapon.  They if anything try rewrite Wrath of Khan. Red matter both saving of Star Terk galaxy another timeline and a terraible weapon turn part gennis device next level.  No overwhelem odds in Star War movies or at least must of them they facing overwheleming odds. 1 ,4,5,6 all overwheleming odds stack against them.  Empire had vast more resouse man power and even better weapons the rebel had last three movies.

First movie it Luke single handle save the Rebel allience for being total destroy with force.SIngle spot destory Death star near suidice misson. Imperial did not making real mistakes and the the Rebel pilot change entire tide batttle. Of course last minute effect.

Secound movie the Rebel some best romatic line every created theater. The statement I love you. I can tell one must romatic lines ever put screan. There nice fighting parts and having confort the true.


 movie you had the overwheleming odds fact Rebeling going succeed was poor at best. You kind had point Empire play with Rebel way putting what made it good follow. Rebel facing overwheleming odds everything happen for a reason. Fact capture nearly turn into meal and same aliens caming because only reason misson successful was major part being good and Imperael trick open door allow take out the base. While lot killing and ship blow up it real not as good other two. The best part that Luke face the fact Father hading put place and had try protect good risk himself. One way or another he was protect his family honor and destroy Empire entirely.

fourth Star war movie was good not nearley as good three other movies. Bad guy made one major mistake and but one pilot change tide battle. Did not even ask about other they just plan bad.

Not that Star Terk 2009 was not good it just not star war type or any good once.  They kind someways made differnt verse Warth of Khan just without Spock killed put great parts into. Red matter show Gennis device on striods. Red matter used tool save one Galaxy in one timeline and used destroy a planet another timeline. Kind show dual us of course effect Mother was killed hoply going play next movie Spock overcome this by face next bad guy. That at least I hoping real angery and sad about hater Romulus over it. No way is this movie not going great it just not going Star War like.

If they wanted did Star War like movie in Star Terk univse they could done very easily going mirror universe.

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