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Was Pircard crazy for turn Q offer down to be member Enterpise D crew


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Let's not be too hasty ...

Picard made no mistake, by not letting Q join the crew!
He said it, himself, that Q was "next of kin to Chaos!"
Q is mad, bad and dangerous to know. That's how we like him,
and that's how we should keep him ...


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I think that Q is not dangers if want destory USS Enterpise D and her crew he done so along time ago. He no more dangers having him officer on the ship if did have officer on the ship.


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I wonder, Goldplanet. I seem to recall
how Q and Vash spent alot of time just
wandering the stars, exploring all Creation,
now that you mention it. He seemed to
look out for her, pretty well. Hmm. But,
then again, Vash is a woman. And she's
more than just that ... she's also ...
a beautiful woman. So, it would seem
even the Q appreciate their great value.


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Q is too unstable. Picard made the right decision.

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