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Federation The First 150 Years


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Report this Dec. 29 2012, 11:07 am

I got mine for Christmas and have finished it already. I think it's the most informative, most amazing Star Trek book I have ever read. It pretty much answered every question I ever had that Enterprise and The Original Series left hanging for me.

It starts at about 1992 with the Eugenics and World War III stuff, and really moves into what was happening when Zepfram Cochrane was born, and it's more about Enterprise and what we missed in Enterprise than anything else. But in the last two chapters it gets into TOS time and really fills in alot of gaps there as well. Even goes so far as to explain why Kirk's crew was on a 5 year mission when the other ships weren't.

I don't feel the book contradicts anything but really adds to this vast universe. I absolutely love it. If anyone here is on the fence about reading it, I definitely suggest you do. I think it's amazing.

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