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The JJ-verse and "Yesterday's Enterprise": same recipe for success

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At the outset, let me say that I am delighted by the 2009 revival of Star Trek, which was otherwise a 40+ year old franchise that had seemingly run its course.  Now, many people complain that JJ Abrams reboot does not respect TOS and Trek in general.   I fully disagree.   In fact, he's created a new Trek story as pure as Trek can be.  We now have a blank slate forged by one of the most successful plot-twists in Trek history: changing the course of history through time travel. It's been a key ingredient in some of the most memorable episodes/movies: "City on the Edge of Forever," "ST: First Contact," and of course "Yesterday's Enterprise."

Consider the success of "Yesterday's Enterprise."  I'm sure massive numbers of fans would have enjoyed an entire series set in the Federation-Klingon War era created when the 1701-C travels through the temopral rift.  It was, after all, one of the most popular TNG episodes ever (you think JJ didn't know that?  He watched it as a first-run fan).  During that episode, how many people thought "Picard wouldn't act like a warrior!  He's a man of peace and reason!"  Did anyone question why, if history had been radically changed 22 year earlier, all the usual TNG crew members (Worf excepted, of course) were serving on the Enterprise?

So, for those who are still not on board, relax and enjoy the ride!  It'll be fun.



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I could be wrong but I don't think JJ watched it as a first run fan. I believe he has admitted to not having watched much ST until this project came up. In fact he has cited STAR WARS as his insperation for this film.

That aside, I agree that the change in timelines opens up Star trek for future movies, as it frees the writers from having to deal with 45+ years of back story. some changes, however just dont make sense and/or can't be explained by Nero's actions. A perfect example would be Spock/Uhura. It just doesn't make sense. Now if they went with a full blown affair between Spock and Chaple, that would make sense. Still hard to explain how Nero's timeline interference would have caused it, but with it's roots in the tension that existed between the two in TOS, it would just make more sense and be more acceptable, IMHO.

I have heard folks complain about showing Spock getting in fist fights as a child, however that scene is a near duplicate of one in the animated Star Trek, and I thought it was a masterful stroke on JJ's part.

I have been very critical of the film as a whole, however I do watch it trying to find more to like about it. I have not changed my mind about those things I dislike about it.  As I said, Changing the timeline=great idea. Changing too much to fast and too drastic, not so much. He didn't need to completely destroy Vulcan. He could have left it devistated and in ruins.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

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Quote: Beershark @ Dec. 27 2012, 10:16 pm


>I could be wrong but I don't think JJ watched it as a first run fan. I believe he has admitted to not having watched much ST until this project came up. In fact he has cited STAR WARS as his insperation for this film.


that might be relevent if he wrote the movie

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>Good Point!

>Both were as equally unrealistic!

>But the precedence has been set :Shakes fist at episode: 


Niether total unrealistic.

Yesterday ENteprise timeline little more main chartoers and your set. It could easily very close Star War.Xindi best of Enterpise and Dominion war brough DS9 to when real began to shine. I could see that easily being must successful star Terk ever.

Star Terk first contect only good three ways first the Borg successful in this cae not much show other terror latter. Borg fail which had completey with Federation personal getting killed. Or you the case were the Borg able message out Collective. In this case Pircard no real choice violence temporal Prime Dicitive. You could make series out that one.

Of course JJ real make Star Terk real like Star War almost doing twilight timeline. Change smell to that Archer send Vuclan rather going were rest human race taking hiding. You have Star War like series blow planets ,fighter deploy and hid base of operation and last but not least overwheleming odds stack against the human race.

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